A taste of Oz

By Sylvia Tan
23 April 2013 4:02 PM Updated 24 Apr 2013

A taste of Oz

Photo: Sylvia Tan

There’s nothing more Australian than having a barbecue, especially during their summers in December when the days can be searing and evenings are lovely and cool. While we have no shortage of hot days throughout the year in the tropics, our fierce and sudden rainstorms make barbecues a dicey affair here. But if you keep the barbecuing to a minimum, as with this menu, you may just get it done before any raindrops fall.

We've added twists to this typically Australian menu: here we have herbed garlic shrimp on the barbie – an Australian icon – to start with, while a whole leg of lamb, rubbed with spices and yoghurt, is nicely (and safely) roasting in the oven. A chilled potato salad, to which shredded smoked fish is added, fills in the spaces. The honey mustard dressing gives a sweet finish.


Smoked salmon and potato salad

Smoked salmon and potato salad
Cold potatoes salad with hot salmon
Roast lamb with sumac and yoghurt

Roast lamb with sumac and yoghurt
Mediterranean herbs give it a tangy lift
Spicy coconute water soup

Shrimp on the barbecue
Marinated in garlic and oil, and cooked in minutes

Sylvia Tan is a cookbook author with nine cookbooks to her name. Her latest, ‘Asian Larder’, is a compendium of Asian spices and seasonings, with more than 100 recipes on how to use these ingredients.

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