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Crispy durian pancake

By Debbie Teoh
28 April 2011 12:07 PM Updated 18 Aug 2015

Crispy durian pancake

Photo: Debbie Teoh

Crispy, crunchy and delish durian pancakes…what’s more can a durian lover ask for? This is indeed a durian lover’s ultimate dessert. Prepare the batter ahead of time and just assemble it after dinner or during tea. Be prepared for lots of oohs and ahhs.


Recipe serves 4
Preparation time:
45 minutes
Cooking time:
15 minutes

For the batter:

50g rice flour, sifted
90g plain flour, sifted
½ teaspoon bicarbonate of soda, sifted
¼ teaspoon salt
50g castor sugar
60ml thick coconut milk
100-120 ml water

For the filling:
100g castor sugar
150g fried peanuts, ground (optional)
400-500g durian flesh, peeled, removing any tough fibre

10cm diameter non-stick pan
Oil for greasing

1. Place sifted dry ingredients in a mixing bowl.
2. Make the ingredients well and slowly whisk in coconut milk and water.
3. Rest batter for 30 minutes covered with a damp tea towel.
4. Heat a non-stick pan over low heat and lightly grease with some oil.
5. When pan is warm, pour 2 –3 tables pooons batter into the pan, swirling the pan and allowing the batter to cover the pan. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons sugar over batter and cover with a lid until sides starts to brown.
6. Top with crushed peanuts and a huge dollop of durian flesh. Remove pancake from heat and fold it into half.
7. Repeat till all batter is used up.
8. Serve pancakes immediately when it is warm and crispy. You may also serve with a dollop of durian ice-cream on the side.

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