Easy dishes to make with the kids

By Annette Tan
4 June 2012 4:30 PM Updated 05 Jun 2012

Easy dishes to make with the kids

Cooking is one of the simplest and most fun ways to spend time with your kids at home. The activity also helps children learn to organise work, read and even do math. Contributing to their own meals teaches kids to appreciate where their food comes from and what goes into it, so they can make healthier choices as they grow up. Start with these easy recipes for a delicious three-course meal that the whole family can enjoy.



Bacon and tomato pasta in pink sauce
A cream-based kid-friendly pasta recipe that surprises and satisfies



Teriyaki chicken and pineapple skewers
Healthy satay and marinade kids can make from scratch



Orange jelly custards
Striking dessert pots that children and the kid in you will spoon up


Passion (and gluttony) for good food led Annette Tan to pursue a career that marries her talent for writing with her love for beautiful plates. Food writer, stylist and instructor, Tan contributes recipes and images to magazines like Appetite (Singapore) and BBC Good Food (Asian Edition), and is the restaurant reviewer for Today newspaper. Also the editor of The Miele Guide, she somehow manages to find time to feed her family and friends often.

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