Host a game night dinner party

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12 June 2012 4:38 PM Updated 09 Jun 2014

Host a game night dinner party

Having your mates over to catch the 2014 FIFA World Cup? Put away those bags of chips and serve up these filling eats instead. Hearty and tasty with a familiar Asian twist, these recipes will keep hungry football fans well fed and happy into the wee hours.

Plated Turkish beef-and-lamb kebabs
Boldly-spiced Turkish kebabs are turned into a grand, communal dish
Beer-battered fish fingers with asian herb yogurt
This beer batter is light and crisp, served with a refreshing yogurt dip
Vietnamese spring rolls
A healthy snack that is almost like a salad in a roll
Tapioca vadai
A popular South-Indian snack. This version is made of the starchy cassava root, typically known as 'tapioca' in Singapore.
Prawn fritters with chives
This dish is called heh chieh in Hokkien, aand can be served with supermarket-bought sweet chilli sauce
Spicy chilli crab dip
A Singapore twist to the American classic
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