Make your own mooncakes

By Debbie Teoh
30 August 2011 9:00 AM Updated 31 Aug 2014

Make your own mooncakes

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a mooncake chef? To come up with new and exciting flavours year after year? Try your hand at baking some this Mid-Autumn Festival. They do not only taste good, they also make great gifts for close friends and family.

Here, we share recipes for three mooncakes. The baked Shanghai mooncake with a buttery and flaky pastry is unlike the traditional baked mooncake. You don’t have to wait for the dough to rest before you mould it. It’s also a breeze to assemble.

The dragon fruit crystal skin mooncake needs no baking, just chill it when everything is assembled. The vibrant colour of this mooncake, which comes from the fruit’s natural colouring, will definitely draw some surprises.

The jelly chendol mooncake is also a no-bake recipe. Using agar-agar powder from specialty bake shops, this jelly mooncake is a refreshing option with a local twist. It has even an egg yolk in the middle, again, made from jelly.

Basil Chicken

Shanghai mooncake
A non-traditional mooncake with a sweet filling and flaky pastry
Ready-in-an-instant rat's tail noodles

Dragon fruit crystal skin mooncake
Bright coloured snowkins with fresh fruit puree
Spicy Vietnamese beef on Asian herbed salad

Cendol jelly mooncake
A refreshing jelly mooncake that will appeal to both kids and adults.


With more than 10 years experience in the food industry, Debbie is a true-bred Nyonya who hails from Malacca. She is the author of numerous cookbooks, including “UNDERWRAPS” by Marshall Cavendish Cuisine and “Penang Food Guide & Cookbook” and “Nyonya Flavours” by Star Publications. Debbie develops and tests recipes for companies, and contributes to magazines. She is also a Nyonya food consultant for Tourism Malaysia.

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