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National Day bento recipe

By Ellena Guan
3 August 2011 11:25 AM Updated 05 Aug 2014

National Day bento recipe

Pay tribute to Singapore with an eye-popping National Day bento. This patriotic bento is guaranteed to generate fireworks at your holiday cookout at home. Some thoughts have been put to the ingredients to ensure they feature some of Singapore’s iconic dishes such as chicken rice and putu mayam.

Have fun making this bento on National Day! It’s also the perfect excuse to spend some fun and quality time at home with your family and friends.


1 packet store bought chicken rice

2 fresh egg whites, separate into two bowls

1 tablespoon cornstarch solution (mix 1 teaspoon cornflour and 1 teaspoon water)

Few drops red food colouring

1 slice sandwich cheese

1 medium sized potato

1 tablespoon mayonnaise

Dash of ground black pepper

Store bought ondeh ondeh

Store bought putu mayam

Some lettuce


1. Get ready a square bento box; place a sheet of clear wrap covering more than half the size of the box.

2. Trim the red egg sheet (see ‘red & white egg sheets’ instructions below) into a rectangular shape that resembles the top portion of the Singapore flag.

3. Align the red rectangle on top of the white egg sheet and place them on the prepared clear wrap before transferring the chicken rice over. Packed it tightly to fill at least half portion of the box shown in the photo.

4. Next, tightly wrapped and shaped the egg sheet and rice using clear wrap to form a rectangle similar to our Singapore flag.

5. Remove the clear wrap and place the rice parcel into the bento box which is layered with lettuce leaves.

6. Assemble the side dishes with two paper cup liners; one filled with potato salad and the other with ondeh ondeh and putu mayam together.

Red & white egg sheets:

1. Separate the egg whites into two small bowls; add 1 teaspoon of cornstarch solution into the first bowl (for the white portion of the flag).

2. Next add a few drops of red food colouring into another teaspoon of cornstarch solution, mixed well and stir it into the second bowl of egg whites.

3. Strain the ready egg white mixtures into another two bowls in order to get a smooth egg sheet.

4. Using either a tamagoyaki pan or a non-stick pan; grease it using a kitchen paper towel and a few drops of oil.

5. With very low heat, cook the 2 bowls of egg white mixtures separately until you get a smooth and harden top layer. Remove and set aside.

Potato salad:

1. Boil one medium sized potato in a small saucepan filled with lightly salted water till it softens.  Remove the skin and cut it into small cubes.

2. Season the potato cubes with mayonnaise and ground black pepper. Serve it warm or cold.

To assemble the Singapore flag:

1. Use a tiny star shaped food cutter, cut out 5 star shapes from the sandwich cheese and arrange them on the red portion of the egg sheet.

2. For the crescent, use another medium round food cutter to cut out a circle from the cheese and with the same round cutter, cut off about ¾ away from the circle to form a crescent

3.  Lastly, arrange the chicken slices on the white portion of the egg sheet and decorate it with some food picks and birthday deco to complete the bento.

Ellena Guan is the author of Cuisine Paradise. She likes to experiment and come up with different dishes and bakes during her free time. In her blog, she features recipes of successful dishes and pastries she has tried. She also creates beautiful and interesting bento boxes for her kid.


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