National Day TV dinners

By Sylvia Tan
6 August 2013 11:13 AM Updated 05 Aug 2014

National Day TV dinners

Photo: Sylvia Tan

It is National Day and in time-honoured fashion, families gather in front of the TV set to watch the parade. This calls for finger foods – nibbles that you can hold and eat in a bite or two without any fuss. Here are three recipes perfect for the occasion, all of which are Asian in flavour to match the spirit of the day, and are ideal for all ages.There are the older favourites like roti John and lesser-known but no less enticing Nyonya tamarind prawns, and an unusual Asian terrine using herbs, that you slice and stuff into a bun.

Basil Chicken

Roti John
Malaysian, fried-bread sandwich with chicken
Ready-in-an-instant rat's tail noodles

Tamarind prawns
Sour and sweet sauce-coated prawns that can even be eaten cold
Spicy Vietnamese beef on Asian herbed salad

Asian big mac
A sandwich of Asian-style meatloaf, black fungus and herbs

Sylvia Tan is a cookbook author with nine cookbooks to her name. Her latest, ‘Asian Larder’, is a compendium of Asian spices and seasonings, with more than 100 recipes on how to use these ingredients.

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