One-pot meal recipes

By Bee Yinn Low
6 September 2011 2:21 PM Updated 06 Sep 2011

One-pot meal recipes

I am a big fan of one-pot meals. Making a delicious dish using a “pot” is both time-efficient and easy. You can make one-pot meal with different utensils in your kitchen: electronic rice cooker, clay pot, soup pot, casserole pot, and so on. My favourite are the rice cooker, which I often use to make chicken and mushroom rice; clay pot for braised dishes; and soup pot for porridge. Check out the recipes.

Chicken and mushroom rice recipe

Your favourite hawker style clay pot chicken rice is easier than you think!

Beef stew recipe

Try this hearty stew of soft, moist and tender meat.

Pork porridge with dried oysters

Warm up to this nourishing and tasty porridge.

Bee Yinn Low is a professional recipe developer specialising in Asian recipes. She is also the publisher behind the hugely successful and popular Asian recipes site at Rasa Malaysia ( Her first cookbook “Easy Chinese Recipes”, a collection of her all-time favourite dishes is now available in major bookstores in Singapore. As a professional recipe developer, Bee works with brands such as Mizkan America, WorldFoods, Betty Crocker,, and many Asian-themed restaurants.

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