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Pan-fried stingray with tomato & chili salsa recipe

By Mervyn Phan
4 August 2010 11:30 AM Updated 20 Jul 2015

Pan-fried stingray with tomato & chili salsa recipe

A home recipe for the BBQ sambal stingray that is available in hawker centres, this version relies on fresh flavours of the salsa to complement the stingray. The natural oils from the banana leaf also add a nice aroma to the dish.

Serves 4


4 stingray wings, 200g each

8 pieces banana leaf (trimmed enough for each piece of stingray to sit on)

Olive oil, to brush

Salt and pepper



2 tomatoes, diced finely

2 chilies, roughly chopped

Juice of 2 large limes

4 garlic cloves

1 tablespoon fish sauce

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 sprig coriander, chopped



1. To make the salsa, place half the tomatoes, chilies, lime juice, garlic and fish sauce in a food processor. Blend until well minced (alternatively, you can finely dice the ingredients and combine everything with the liquids).

2. Mix with the rest of the tomatoes, chopped coriander and olive oil. Reserve.

3. Season the stingray with salt and pepper and rub with the olive oil.

4. On a flat pan over medium heat, place one banana leaf then each stingray on top to fry (depending on the thickness, this takes about 4 minutes per side).

5. Before flipping the stingrays, change the banana to a fresh one and discard the old one and continue frying for a further 4 minutes. You can test whether the stingrays are done by pulling on the flesh of the thickest part. You should be able to separate it easily.

6. Serve the stingrays on the banana leaves with the salsa on top and additional coriander if you wish.


Mervyn is the owner and resident organiser of cooking parties at Cookyn with Mervyn. From his city studio kitchen, Mervyn guides fellow food lovers in preparing restaurant-style dishes in a fun and surprisingly easy way.

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