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Yuzu martini

By Janice Wong and Jonathan Sparber
14 January 2013 12:32 PM Updated 17 Jan 2013

Yuzu martini

This one's shaken, not stirred, with only three ingredients - cocktails at home has never been so easy.

Recipe serves 4
Difficulty: Easy
Preparation time: 15 minutes
Cooking time: No cooking required

375ml vodka
125ml dry vermouth
4 strips of yuzu rinds

Special equipment needed:

1. Place ice in shaker.
2. Add vodka and 100ml of vermouth and shake until well combined.
3. Pour the rest of the vermouth into a chilled serving glass.
4. Swirl vermouth around the glass to coat the sides.
5. Place yuzu rinds into the glass.
6. Strain vodka into glass.


Chef-owner of 2am:dessertbar and 2am:lab, Janice Wong, is known for creating desserts that resemble paintings on a plate. She takes making desserts very seriously – serious fun, that is: from pop rocks to fruit leathers (and these are putting her work simply), there is never a dull moment - not when there almost always is a story behind each dish.

Jonathan Sparber is the consulting resident chef at 2am:lab. The former Spice Market London chef approaches each of his projects differently to create a unique and creative experience for the guests and the team.

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