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Revisit to try other dishes

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 4

Went back again to try out some of their limited free dishes. Follow their FB page to find out what is the special suprise dish they will serve! I tried Lemongrass fried chicken, which was very tasty and crispy! :d

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Interesting marriage of Thai and Chinese Pots under one roof

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 616

2The Pot is a new restaurant alongside Joo Chiat shophouses, encompassing an interesting combination of Thai Mookata and Chicken Hotpot under one roof. 

The restaurant has two stories for dining, we sat upstairs.

2The Pot adopts a very clean cut and neat style - black regular tables in two rows across the room across smooth polished wood floors and sleek white walls - no fuss, no muss, just a comfortable and soothing setting for diners to enjoy a good pot of soup for dinner.

Drinks were served the moment we stepped in and introduced ourselves to each other. I chose the Thai Iced Milk Tea - light and refreshing, and not too sweet, just the perfect thirst quencher.

The Thai Fishcakes were good - tasty fish-flour paste fried till a crispy golden brown on the exterior with a taut but still springy interior, rich in flavor.

First we started with the Spicy Chicken Hotpot. There were a lot of ingredients such as red chilli, green peppers, onions, chicken etc all tossed into a big pot of spicy (mala) soup base. We waited for it to boil while constantly stirring it, and then had a small bowl each to start. The soup was very thick, even a little on the sticky side, but it did not give the piercing numbing spiciness that one usually associates with mala soup. We did not know if that was the usual standard, or whether the restaurant played down on the level of spiciness to try to suit us. The chicken was tender enough, but we felt that the soup could do with a little less stickiness and a little more spiciness.

Next, we worked on the Laksa Chicken Pot. The ingredients looked good - the perfect ingredients for a good pot of authentic laksa seemingly- with the taupoks (dried beancurd), fishcake slices etc. When it simmered, we took a small bowl each to try. The laksa gravy was good - thick without being too gooey, and the level of spiciness was just nice. The rich and distinctive flavor of laksa (spicy, with the sweet twist of coconut) was well noted; and the chicken was tender. 

 The last pot was Assam Chicken Pot. As far as assam goes, this pot lacked the sharp sour sting of assam.

Now we come to the Mookata.  We had Tom Yum Soup base and a Clear Chicken Soup base. 

Our Mookata set comprised of this huge basketful of leafy greens, golden mushrooms, sweet corn, vermicelli and eggs.  For the meat, we had a very generous serving of prawns, squids, beef, chicken, pork, otah, fishballs, meatballs, crabstick, sausages and a packet of pork lard.

Another bout of surprise came with these Marinated Beef and Korean Spice Pork Belly - yet another cuisine added to the family. Nonetheless, these were their specialities as well so we were honored to have a taste of it. he Korean Spicy Pork Belly was quite tasty - thin, crunchy slices of pork marinated with kimchi-tasting

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Newly open Thai Mookata steamboat BBQ and Chicken Pot

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 4

Very generous serving value for money (noted it cheaper than most Mookata places).
We had the chicken soup, as we wanted to taste the freshness of the meat. 

Customers have a choice of just ordering individual raw dishes (side dishes) rather than the sets if they would like to "customise" their meal.

Honey glaze pork belly and spicy chicken thigh, very well marinated.

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Affordable dinner in nice cozy ambience

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

Surprising the food was good, i had Laksa chicken pot and Mookata set meals with my friends. . We took the table on the 2nd floor, the whole ambience was cozy, A nice place to dine and gathering with friends after work. We end our meal with a glass of Thai milk tea, it taste differ from other Thai restaurant, suit my taste bud. Highly recommend their Laksa chicken pot and Thai Milk Tea.
Would recommend Mookata for big groups of 4pax, I took Tom yum soup, soup was tasty n it goes very well with instant noodles.

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The mookata & spicy chicken claypot is very nice!!!

Total Review: 1

The mookata in this restaurant is very nice,their marination of the meats items are really good and has fine texture after BBQ,the aroma taste is d*** good,especially should try their honey glaze pork belly,properly the best among other mookata shop,their laksa chicken & spicy chicken claypot are very good too,it's a different texture and strong rich taste of local style laksa chicken pot,best serving with rice.The spicy chicken pot which is better taste then kovan chicken pot,and the mookata chilli sauce is a Must try,the chilli is soo appetizing and good.mookata lovers and spicy chicken pot lovers should go try the newly open restaurant,it's like eating mookata in a cafe style,as it's very cozy feel and also value for money too.they have 15% opening discount now till end of aug,do check it out this place and won't regret it,cheers

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