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Nestled in the midst of the Days Hotel, 21 on Rajah marries the best of nature and modern architecture with a menu showcasing Mediterranean and local favourites. Highlighting seasonal offerings that exude the culinary repertoire of the chefs, 21 on Rajah transports you to a garden oasis like no other.

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The Seafood Spread
The Seafood Spread
The Desert Corner
The Desert Corner
  • Jumbo prawns paella 5 votes
  • seafood bouillabaisse 5 votes
  • prawn with bacon 4 votes
  • Slow-baked Norwegian Salmon 3 votes
  • Sunday Brunch 2 votes
  • Sunday Buffet 2 votes
  • Tapas 2 votes
  • Cold Seafood Section 1 vote
  • Dark Chocalate Fondant with Raspberry Coulis 1 vote
  • Durian Paste 1 vote
  • Gianduja Shortbread Cake 1 vote
  • Moroccan Harira with Chicken and Garbanzo Beans 1 vote
  • duck liver with pear 1 vote

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Finally! A fresh dining destination in the Heart of Balestier!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Review: 1

21 on Rajah caught me by surprise..was having a stroll with the wife  about a week ago from Toa Payoh to Balestier when i chanced upon the new Zhongshan Park...not sure whether the park was complete or not but the wife and i being the curious bunch, decided to walk through instead..

Still some construction going on (cant be sure cause i was there around 8plus at night) but the park was well lit.

CHanced upon a restaurant in the park...the restaurant was part of the building but it was only latert that i realised it was a hotel! Silly me..it is the newly opened Days Hotel (no logo from the park area, i think..)

Restaurant was rather busy on a Sat night with a very good buzzing atmosphere..however, service staff acknowledged your presence straight away and greeted you with a warm smile..something you dont get a lot these days i suppose.
Service was polite and warm, and staff are knowledgeable about their products. I was recommended to at least 6-7 items on the menu with rather detailed descriptions as well as the encouragement of communal dining here (kudos to the management for training)

Ordered a wild mushroom soup  and Baked tomato with provolone cheese to start and share with the wife, and both were very good dishes in my opinion. the soup was rich and flavourful, and the tomato confit that was added into the soup added just the right tinge to it. The tomato with provolone cheese was actually served in a flaky pastry which was cooked just right with the generous amount of provolone cheese added to it.

Had a couple of tapas items as well, namely the crostini of smoked eel and the baked cheese and chorizo (both were good bit i felt the eel was a little salty), together with a Sharing pan of the Jumbo loster paella (was told it's a must try by the staff). Apparently, Paella is their signature item here and true enough, i was not disappointed.
the servings were generous (even for 2) and the lobster was very well seasoned and cooked. the Paella rice had the right texture and 'crunch' to it without being overly soggy...which tends to happen in many other restaurants.

Wanted to have dessert but got stopped by the wife...apparently my waistline keeps increasing by the weeks!

Best part was that one of the service staff actually had the common sense to see that we couldnt finish our meal and offered to  help us to pack the food if necessary. Very helpful staff indeed! When i asked for payment, she actually mentioned a whole list of credit card promos they were having and asked me if i wanted to settle with any of them to enjoy a discount, which i found to be useful and frankly, very appreciative of as i dine out quite often but dont see much attentiveness these days in restaurants.

Overall, my wife and i left satisfied and i would dine here again, especially to save some space for dessert!

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Really rajah!

Total Reviews: 38

21 on rajah is such a great buffet place , a halal one at that to match those from Carousel and Straits kitchen. I love the range of food provided, it's full of variety and I glad they serve lamb too which is a must for me at buffets! Other than that, are delectable Malay and Singaporean dishes that is cooked to perfection. Great time to spend with my family here , we love the ambience and the service provided by the staff. The decorations are beautiful too and this place serves a good range of dessert as well. Dress your best when you're coming here as although it may not be located at a 5 star hotel , the buffet place itself looks like a 6 star Michelin rated restaurant and why not dress your best to impress while enjoying good food. The only minus points is the location of the buffet place. Other than that, this place is really rajah! (P.s rajah is Malay for king)

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Feeling 21 all over again

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 25

A one-stop haven for all your cravings; from seafood galore of crabs, fresh mussels, big and fleshy prawns to desserts that are right out of Martha Stewart's finest dessert recipes. I personally like the durian paste, infused with some sort of curd, topped with caramel. Just blows your 2016 resolution out the window then because one is never enough. The freshly grilled lamb with its fats juices creaming up in your mouth as you chew tirelessly to digest it. If ever you are creative enough, whip up your own rojak with an array of ingredients like saliva-inducing mangoes and green apples and mix it well with hints of chilli pesta and crushed nuts. After all, it is ROJAK! Down all these with drinks made to soothe any dried up esophagus. The ambience of the whole restaurant is not too cosy but otherwise a relaxing and enjoyable place overall. The lightings and perhaps the furniture could give way to something more punch.

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