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Nestled in the midst of the Days Hotel, 21 on Rajah marries the best of nature and modern architecture with a menu showcasing Mediterranean and local favourites. Highlighting seasonal offerings that exude the culinary repertoire of the chefs, 21 on Rajah transports you to a garden oasis like no other.

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Really rajah!

Total Reviews: 38

21 on rajah is such a great buffet place , a halal one at that to match those from Carousel and Straits kitchen. I love the range of food provided, it's full of variety and I glad they serve lamb too which is a must for me at buffets! Other than that, are delectable Malay and Singaporean dishes that is cooked to perfection. Great time to spend with my family here , we love the ambience and the service provided by the staff. The decorations are beautiful too and this place serves a good range of dessert as well. Dress your best when you're coming here as although it may not be located at a 5 star hotel , the buffet place itself looks like a 6 star Michelin rated restaurant and why not dress your best to impress while enjoying good food. The only minus points is the location of the buffet place. Other than that, this place is really rajah! (P.s rajah is Malay for king)

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Feeling 21 all over again

Food/Drink 3| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 25

A one-stop haven for all your cravings; from seafood galore of crabs, fresh mussels, big and fleshy prawns to desserts that are right out of Martha Stewart's finest dessert recipes. I personally like the durian paste, infused with some sort of curd, topped with caramel. Just blows your 2016 resolution out the window then because one is never enough. The freshly grilled lamb with its fats juices creaming up in your mouth as you chew tirelessly to digest it. If ever you are creative enough, whip up your own rojak with an array of ingredients like saliva-inducing mangoes and green apples and mix it well with hints of chilli pesta and crushed nuts. After all, it is ROJAK! Down all these with drinks made to soothe any dried up esophagus. The ambience of the whole restaurant is not too cosy but otherwise a relaxing and enjoyable place overall. The lightings and perhaps the furniture could give way to something more punch.

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Great Food

Food/Drink 4| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 4
Total Reviews: 18

Recommend the pasta, cooked prawns and the beef. Not much selection to choose from the buffet but the food was great! 

Staff was polite and helpful when asked. Received a 10% discount on the bill paying with ANZ Card.

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Please do take serious consideration in your variety especially...

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 2| Service 3
Total Reviews: 5

I always wanted to trust the HGW reviews but it seems that it is no longer reliable. My classmates and i went over for a gathering dinner buffet on 30th May 2015. There were about 20 of us. And it causes us $45/pax after a 10% credit card discount. Personally, this is far too over priced. Lets start with the good points.

1. Service good - Plates are cleared promptly. Took initative to help us take group photos.
(That is the only point the buffet scores)

2. Please do improve on your variety spread. For $45 dollars , i felt that the food variety is too absurd little. There might be classmates who are unable with this buffet spread , but because it is considered a happy occassion so no one wants to comment to dampen the mood.

3. Tastewise, i think it is considered ok. But the food can be a little too salty and oily. Dessets are still ok. And can i know why potong icecream?? Potong icecream can be bought even in provision shops. Is this the kind of standard that a hotel should be providing? You know seriously, it will be betteroff if we had seoul garden??

4. I felt that the food are not refilled on time. Why should this be the case especially for the crayfish dish?? Prawns and sushi are ok.The Crayfish dish looks pathetic with tiny bits of meat.

If you are serious in ensuring that this buffet business is substainable, please do work most importantly on your variety and the frequency of refilling the food.

I hope those HGWians out there , please do not trust good reviews easily because it seems to be unreliable nowadays. Don't need to waste your money in buffets unless there are some sort of special gathering like what i went through. If we were to combine all our money, we could have ate something much decent in a restaurant. Our school happen to be nearby thus we chose to dine here.

*If you don't wish to improve your variety, then please keep your price max $30. For this spread, it is not worthwhile spending $45 for it.

I felt utterly disappointed with the buffet spread and it is a double thumbs down for me.

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