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3 Monkeys Cafe (Holland Village)

3 Monkeys Cafe at Holland Village is a jungle themed restaurant offering a wide range of international cuisine from American, Italian to Asian.
Daily: 11.00 am - 3.00 am
+65 64691338
$26 based on 13 submissions
Bobby Harjani

Good Food and Warm Service

A great variety of Asian, Italian and Mediterranean food. The Nasi Goreng and Fajitas were excellent. Service was warm, and the ambience lovely.

I would strongly recommend this place to all.

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Based on 13 votes
06 Jan 2011 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Note to Self - Read reviews before going to try new places.

3 words - Worst. Experience. Ever.

Upon seeing the 1-for-1 main course credit card promo, my mum & I entered the place at around 7:30pm. There were only 2 other tables beside us.

We ordered grilled prawns, and the fajita combo. Each was priced at $34.

We waited for 90 MINUTES before the food arrived. In this time, no one came to apologize. When we asked the waitress the status of our order, she lied and gave a crappy reason, which is that it is very packed upstairs and the kitchen was busy.

Oh, really? 1) Hardly anyone walked in in the 1.5hrs we were waiting. 2) The kitchen bell (which sounds when a dish is ready) did not ring. 3) The 2 other tables other than us were also served very slowly. It’s bad enough being slow but it’s worse assuming your customers are stupid.

Then she assured us that it was “coming soon”. This was at 30 mins… I would hardly qualify an additional 60 minute wait as “coming soon”.

When the dishes finally arrived at 9pm (“I didn’t come for supper,” says the mum.), I was flabbergasted to realize that our grilled prawn dish was a tiny hotplate of 4 prawns with some half cooked brocoli/carrots. The fajita hotplate resembled “zi char” stir fried meat. Both plates were about 7” in diameter at max. I honestly expected a lot more…$34 for 4 miserable tasting prawns? Even $17 (the promo price) was too much.

Also baffling was why the heck they needed 90 mins to prepare hotplate dishes.

The owner came to our table, slid 2 drinks onto our table and said with a vacant expression, “This is our signature drink, the strawberry banana blend, sorry your food took long to come.”

At this point no number of drinks would have appeased us. Also lady, if you were sincere about being sorry that your food came so late, you would have come earlier to apologize, instead of strolling around the restaurant holding some sort of bun on your hand and eating away.

Conclusion - Don’t even bother to even “try out” eating at this place. Save your time, money and sanity. Throw a stone and you’ll hit a restaurant which is better than this.

20 Nov 2010 • 15 reviews • 0 follower

Disappointing Party (Planner/Organiser/Host/MC)...

Was looking around for a party venue for my boy's birthday party. Came across 3Monkeys.

Party package promises games, prizes, face-painting, mascot, goody-bag, etc etc. seems like it's going to be a great party. Or so it seems.

Party planner/restaurant manager was 100%, absolutely rigid and unwilling to yield in anyway. No changes of menu allowed, no negotiations entertained. very firm. We thought, oh well, maybe they are really THAT good. She seems to know what she is talking about, sounds really experienced. went ahead to sign for the package. Big mistake.

we paid $33+ per kid. menu was a miserable spread of only 3 types of food: spaghetti, fries, nuggets. never mind, we thought. the party is going to be a bash. we were so wrong.

big day came. guests started streaming in. first sign of problem surfaced when we observed the party planner having absolutely no flair in getting the children to move along, nor was she able to create the atmosphere for the supposed fun party.

throughout game-time, she failed miserably at making any child laugh. after the 1st game, some of the kids actually said they do not want to play in the 2nd game anymore. how embarrassing it was for us!

the game (supposed to be so much fun) actually, really turned out to be draggy! it seems to go on and on and on and on.......with no laughters nor signs of excitement from the children. i've never been to a worse party. so sad, it had to be my boy's.

the staff was also hardly helpful in managing the crowd. there were supposed to be 2 sets of beverages: kids and adults. kids have free-flow drinks (part of the package), while we have to pay extra for adults. in the end, we have so many children drinking from the adult's pitcher.

and the free-flow drinks they offered for the kids? carbonated drinks and iced tea. you'd think they'll have the commonsense to offer juice, right?

to conclude the horrible party in a worst way possible, come payment time, the manager didn't even make sure she made an accurate count of the number of kids who turned up, and overcharged us. It ended up as an awkward moment of I look at her and she looked at me, neither party sure of the correct number, and neither party having concrete proof of the actual number of kids. I was really way too tired, disappointed, frustrated with the whole event, just want to end it, so, ended up paying her the amount she claimed.

lousy food, poor management, absolute chaos. and all these for a premium price of $33+ per kid. with the food and drinks for adults, we paid $1.3K for about 25 kids and 20 adults.

NEVER, NEVER, NEVER in your life should you plan to have a party here. EVER.

McD would have been a much better choice anytime. and at a fraction of the price.

EPIC FAIL, 3 monkeys. perhaps they should just stick to being a pub/bar/cafe/whatever. anything but a party venue option.
14 Jul 2010 • 1 review • 0 follower

Good Food and Warm Service

A great variety of Asian, Italian and Mediterranean food. The Nasi Goreng and Fajitas were excellent. Service was warm, and the ambience lovely.

I would strongly recommend this place to all.

12 Jul 2010 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

Chaotic and Insincere

Went there coz I spotted it from some credit card promo and thought it sounded interesting - "pick and pay whatever is on the card, from $1-$9 with every main course".

When I showed them the promo, the waitress acted like she'd never heard of it, and she showed it to someone else who also didn't know... they really sounded very confused and chaotic. Then finally, after waiting long long.... the manager or someone came to explain that it's only for drinks (many of which were priced below $9 so it wasn't really much of a promo!) Sounded like she made it up on the spot. When I said it didn't sound like what was on the promo, the manager blamed the credit card company for not printing the details... I dunno, the whole thing sounded a bit insincere to me, like they just want to draw people in but not offer a real promo...

On the bright side, the grilled chicken in the tacos and quesadillas were quite nice. But the pina colada tasted like watered down pineapple juice - we couldn't taste anything else in it!

05 Oct 2009 • 1909 reviews • 258 followers


Full-house on a weekday night, I figured that this popular place probably had something good to chow and so made my way in. Once I saw the menu, my heart sank a little, in part because they had so many different cuisine types from Asian to Europe to South America, but I figure I would give it a shot anyways.

I started with the Italian Seafood Soup ($9.30), which was alright, although not spectacular in any way. Moving to Mexican, I decided to go with the Burritos with Beef ($22.80). This dish unfortunately was a big disappointment as the burrito was too dry. I could get better fixes at the Mexican restaurants nearby and the price was pretty high as well for the one burrito had. I think that was enough for me to turn down desserts and move on.

Service was however enthusiastic, and some male patrons were probably just as enthusiastic at their "jungle-like" dress code.