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Reviews for (Closed) 57 Chevy


A Place for Lao Hero

If cheonging MILFs and Lao Aunties is your cup of tea, look no further. This place has plenty of them.

Or if you are into Lao Hero or mid-life-crisis uncles, this is also a place not to be missed.

To be fair, this watering hole boasts one of the best bands in the East. Playing anything from mustang sally to Bon Jovi, this band is a crowd pleaser. Beer swaggling and half-pissed uncles/aunties doing the cha cha are the order of the day.

Located at Katong Village, this place reminds you of the old Dempsey road military barracks. Very charming and very relax. But parking can be a pain, as the village is home to at least 4 restaurants and a couple of pubs.

If MILFs arn't your type of veg, fret not. Vietnamese veg is to the right of Chevy at the JC entertainment zone and Filipino veg at the Paramount SC to the left. In short, the entire vicinity surrounding the Chevy provides a hole-listic , value for money, and comprehensive range of entertainment that will guarantee you a hot night in heaven, a marital breakdown and probably STD.

With a showcase of regional talents, you will never run out of choices. Now, who dare say that Singapore is boring!?!?
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06 May 2009 • 6 reviews • 0 follower

Thumbs up for the live band!

One of the very few places with a good live band. You get a wide genre of music that you grew up listening to and tend to sing along with the crowd.
06 May 2009 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Chill out place.

It is good for a chill out with older folks. The music is rolling good times. Thanks to the new smoking law you don's have to smell like an ash tray after a nite of parting. Though no food is served , other than bites, you can order in from outside. Prices are reasonable for life music environment.
15 Apr 2009 • 3 reviews • 0 follower

Happy Hours

Good enviroment to unstress and relax. Good band players supplying hot or oldies music.. Good services provided.