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(Closed) 60s Live Seafood

With the nice atmosphere, away from the crowds and noise, dining at 60s Live Seafood would definitely be a enjoyable experience. A variety of Chinese food, friendly staff who were quick to serve and good value for money, this place is a good place for family dining.

Daily: 08:00 - 23:00

+65 64698060
$19 based on 16 submissions
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (11 votes), Dinner (10 votes), Hidden Find (9 votes)

Chill Out

Just thought of going to some out of the way place for lunch and we thought of 60's seafood. Food is yummy and service is not too bad. Environment is peaceful with the view of golfers.

The HGW community like this place for...

  • 60\\\'s fried rice1 vote
  • Eat in the open area at night.1 vote
  • Hor Fun1 vote
  • beef horfun1 vote
  • black pepper crab1 vote
  • boiled prawns1 vote
  • seafood horfun1 vote
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Mee Goreng
02 Jul 2012 • 15 reviews • 10 followers

Chill Out

Just thought of going to some out of the way place for lunch and we thought of 60's seafood. Food is yummy and service is not too bad. Environment is peaceful with the view of golfers.
20 May 2012 • 1 review • 0 follower

How to review food when it never came?

Group of six ordered 13 dishes. Four dishes came out, then when we enquired where was the remaining food we were told the cook hadn't even started it. The staff were too busy making up dozens of bento boxes for outside catering. We were then asked if we wanted to cancel the remaining dishes as they couldn't prepare anything until they finished their catering order. Why take our order at all?

Can't rate the food as I never got to taste any.

3/10 was for the beer which was cold and served in iced glasses.

At least we were not charged for the food which came out and went cold while we waited for the rest of the meal, which never came. (only after complaining and stating that we were not paying)

10 Oct 2011 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

peaceful and good food

My family and i have been going to this place every week for the past 2 weeks. I absolutely love that its a nice place away from the city. Instead of the usual western cuisine that dots all around bukit timah. this chinese seafood place is pretty darn good.

The mai pian toufu is uber yummy. crispy and soft toufu with deep fried oats. It isnt on the menu but you can order it and they will be happy to cook that for you.

the prawns are always nice and fresh. We've tried 2 different styles, butter and salted egg and both turned out very nice.

All time fav- sambal sweet potato leaf never fails to please the tastebuds. with 3 rather 'heaty' food, the bittergourd soup compliments it VERY nicely.

Ambience is tranquil, its always nice and quiet. Nice place to enjoy some peace and quiet with yummy comfort food and a jug of tiger beer.

15 Aug 2010 • 3 reviews • 0 follower


I just finished dinner at 60s Live Seafood with family, after reading the good reviews here, but the experience had been rather disappointing.

First, the ambience is great, though there are occasional irritating houseflies. I think this is a tradeoff you have to make while dining so close to nature. So no complains here.

The biggest upset is the food. I ordered the much acclaimed beef hor fun, but found it only average. You can get hor fun of this standard at any reasonable cze char store in your HDB neighbourhood. I also ordered the 60s roast chicken, which turned out plain and dry. I asked for prawns in salted egg, but it came out to be nothing like the usual salted egg style. It was more like done in butter, with curry leaves and chili, which is too spicy for my kids. The grouper (at $60/kg) was steamed HK style, but it was so salty to the point of being unpalatable. I fed back to the captain who took some sauce for the chefs to try. The chefs replied the sauce is ok. At this point, I gave up.

Service is friendly but without initiative. My plate was full of bones and shells, but none of the waitresses took initiative to change my plate until I asked them to.
28 Oct 2009 • 21 reviews • 0 follower

Incredible price !

I am writing my 2nd review on this place in 5 days.

Went there last night(Tue) at about 8 pm. As mentioned in my previous review, we wanted to try their signature pepper crab for $18. They also introduced another weekday amazing offer, deep-fried soon hock or marble goby fish for $18. We ordered a last vegetable dish 奶白 to complement our carnivorous diet.

Verdict :

pepper crab - a tad sweet, not peppery spicy enough for us, and the aroma is not penetrating enough into the crab meat. So Jumbo East Coast Seafood Centre still tops our list for pepper crabs. But for $18, this crab is a good sizeable 700g and it's really fresh. The pincers are not even hollow in meat at all.

soon hock - This is "ichiban" ! A 700g delicious fish for only $18 ! At normal restaurants, at approx $8 per 100g, it would cost $56.

奶白 : tasty and crunchy for $8.

Ambience - The alfresco dining is appealing, especially at night. At the next door café, you can chill out, and if football matches are on, you can drink and enjoy the match. Last night though, there were mossies around, but the waitress was very kind to light up another mossie coil for us, one on each side.

10% off still on for Citibank card holders !

Will be back there for others !