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114 Niel Road, 088852
Asian, Filipino, Fusion
+65 63347107

Mon - Sat: 11:30 - 23:30

Sun: 11:00 - 23:00

$35 based on 21 submissions
Dinner (7 votes), Lunch (7 votes), Live Band (6 votes) ...

7107 Flavours is the first of its kind to open in Singapore, a fine restaurant, a culture hub and a travel desk - all in one. 7107 Flavours will showcase the best of Philippine Cuisine - from traditional to fusion. Wondered what Philippine Cuisine is? 7107 Flavours is the answer.

What others are eating here

kare-kare with homemade shrimp paste
kare-kare with homemade shrimp paste
adobong manok
adobong manok
homemade shrimp paste
homemade shrimp paste
Pork Hock before
Pork Hock before
  • Adobo 1 vote
  • Lechon 1 vote
  • Lechon Kawali and Kare-kare 1 vote
  • Sisig 1 vote
  • binagoongang baboy 1 vote
  • cold drinks 1 vote
  • ensaladang bagnet 1 vote
  • laing 1 vote
  • leche flan 1 vote
  • lumpiang sariwa 1 vote
  • pork hock 1 vote
  • rice 1 vote
  • sugpo sa aligi 1 vote
  • veggie crepe 1 vote

Latest Review for 7107 Flavours

Overall RatingBased on 13 reviews
Most helpful review:

Good service that makes you feel good and welcomed!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 4 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

I'm not a Pinoy and don't have a benchmark for Filipino food.

But the service alone is good enough a reason to return - friendly and detailed explanation of menu items to help you make a choice.

The food is tasty even although I don't have enough knowledge of the true flavors of Filipino food.

We need more food establishments like this.


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Quite disappointing experience

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 4 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

Hi all readers...

I just want to share with you my experience with this pinoy resto...

I am pinoy and supposed to be proud of our food and culture, so I asked my Australian friend to try pinoy food, and he said its fine with him... So the first thing that came into my mind is this place(I could've just brought him to lucky plaza and ate there instead of going to this place)

First... The service.... I know pinoys are one of the most hospitable and most service oriented people in the world, but it's not evident here, and to think this is supposedly a posh or fine dining (maybe not posh) pinoy resto... Disappointment 1.

Next is the place...

When I asked my visitor how was the place while waiting for our order, he said its noisy...

Disappoinent 2... Why is it noisy, because there is a band playing... I'm not against the idea of having a band in the resto, but I suggest maybe, since it's a family Resto, just lower down the volume of the speakers or something...

Next is the food...

Lumpia fresh. Lumpia is supposed to have ubod or turnips as substitute inside but it's all carrots and beans, and the sauce, - it's a little sour... Haais I miss pinas, but that evening is not about me, it's about my visitor..

Sisig, its not served hot(it's in a sizzling plate that doesn't sizzle). The sisig is minutes away from being spoil, I can already taste and smell the sourness of spoil food...

Kinilaw na tanigue topped with inihaw na belly. The bbqued pork belly tasted nice but the kinilaw, tasted nothing as kinilaw....

Baked mussels... Not fresh and tasted really horrible...

San mig light.... This is the only thing both of us liked...

Obviously we didn't finish our food... Paid so much and not satisfied. He paid 110 for the food we ate plus 4 beers.

I can cook, so I know what is good and bad tasting food. As what I mentioned a while ago, I could've just brought my visitor to lucky plaza and ate there instead of here or at tampines mall, there a nice tasting pinoy stall there in the food court.

After we came out of the Resto I told my visitor "i won't ask you how was the food because I know you are disappointed" he answered me, "it's for the experience"

I will rate the Resto from 1 to 5 as 2. It's really below average...

Thank you for reading and I hope the owner reads this too...

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so-so lunch

Total Reviews: 6

Craving for Mango Shake while in Marina Square made us decide to have our late lunch here. What we had:

Sisig - nothing extra ordinary. quite tasteless, unless you add condiments.

Inihaw na Liempo - not served hot and you can tell that the pork was BBQ-ed for a long time already. Not just because it's no longer hot, but you can also tell from the texture.

Sago & Gulaman - my husband had this, wasn't able to taste so I really can't comment.

Ripe Mango Shake - tastes like it came straight out from the can, can not taste pure mango.

Over all, it was not really a satisfying dining experience, plus service is soooo slow. There were just about 5 tables that day, but yet we still had to wait loooong for our food to be served. Plus the waitress/waiters doesn't appear to be friendly, never smiles.

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