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Review for (Closed) 7 Adam


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Address: 7 Adam Park
16 Mar 2014 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

Mediocre Meal at Restaurant Week 2014

Having read several reviews on 7Adam, I decided to give it a shot during Restaurant Week. Arguably, $35++ is a reasonable price for a three-course meal, and I tempered my expectations as I understood that some aspects of the quality of the dishes would have to be compromised upon for economical reasons. Unfortunately, even with my lowered expectations, the meal failed to impress and displayed anything but creativity.

The first course was a pan-seared Hokkaido Scallop on Mesclun Salad tossed with Ponzu Dressing. The pan-seared scallops were not crisp enough on the surface and could have been more tender on the inside. In addition, the ponzu dressing was salty and lacked any depth nor dimension to it. 

The second course was a choice of Guinness Beef Ragout or Pan-seared Seabass. The food was at room temperature and the beef ragout was slightly tough. Presentation-wise, there was nothing special about the dish. The only redeeming factor would have been the gravy, which consisted of a slightly sour tang. 

Next up was a soup which was overly oily. The last item on the menu - also the most disappointing - was the dessert, which was black glutinous rice served with coconut milk (pulut hitam). In my opinion, this not only reflected a lack of creativity on the restaurant's part, but also bespoke of its laziness in the way it did not bother to concoct up something interesting (especially given that this was Restaurant Week).

All in all, the meal was a forgettable one, and the standard of the food makes me wonder whether 7Adam truly deserves a spot on the list of Restaurant Week establishments. 
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$123 for 3 pax
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