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7 Adam has closed.

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Address: 7 Adam Park, 289926
17 May 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Reservation not honored as restaurant was not ready to open for the day: unapologetic & unresponsive

  I had the most appalling experience at 7 Adam this morning. I had successfully placed a reservation for 7 to celebrate my birthday over brunch at 7 Adam at 11am, which was the stated opening hour on the restaurant's Fb, amongst other websites. I have a revs code and email.   Upon arriving at 11.10am, we were puzzled by the 'Closed' signage hanging on an opened gate, a visible dark restaurant with tables still in upturned position and the front glass door locked. The restaurant was clearly not ready for receiving patrons for weekend lunch. I called hungrygowhere to double check and was told that the restaurant opens at 11am. Meanwhile, some cars which have arrived had turned and left, presumably feeling as quizzical as we were. About 15 minutes had ensued when a uniformed staff appeared at the main door of the restaurant. We asked her if it opens at 11am and she said no it opened at 11.30am and if we wanted, she would open the front door. We were astonished because we had made a reservation for 11am and she seemed to suggest that we had made a mistake, the restaurant will remain closed unless we wanted to enter. Her tone was one of disinterest.    Considering that we have with us a hungry 10 month old baby and a 2 year old toddler, we decided that it was unwise to enter and wait indefinitely for the tables to be set, kitchen to be set up before our ours could be taken and served. We left disappointed. Besides my birthday celebration, I was considering 7 Adam as a potential venue for my daughter's one year old celebration. Indeed, the art pieces energized the previous guild house with a warm vibe and a buzz. However, the bewildering lack of professionalism and explanation on the part of 7 Adam points to its undependability and lack of grace,  thereby skidding my enthusiasm for the place to a halt, even before I could sample the dishes  
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