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Review for (Closed) 7 Adam


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Address: 7 Adam Park
19 Dec 2013 • 148 Reviews • 6 Followers

Not bad.

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We took advantage of the set lunch advertised on chope here one day because as fresh grads we’re practically destitute and can’t afford dinner here. Besides like I always say, lunch sets are a good/cheap way to get a sneak preview of what a restaurant can do and decide whether you want to come back for dinner. 7Adam is a restaurant on a hill along Adam Road that doubles up as an art gallery as well.   The Chope lunch set was something like $28++ or $25++, can’t remember, and had 1) Some red pepper veloute which was pretty novel for me, and delicious to boot. 2a) Grilled trout (J asked: What’s the difference between trout and salmon? This looks and tastes exactly like salmon.) The skin was beautifully done and the flesh flaked apart neatly but was a tad overcooked and underseasoned. 2b) You could also opt for the Cajun chicken like I did: It was delicious and marinated all the way through. Served with some nice grilled vegetables. 3a) For dessert I had the chocolate lava cake. It’s served with vanilla ice cream, some kind of honeycomb gelee and caramel sauce. I liked it quite a bit. 3b) Or you could opt for their soy panna cotta which is a bit of a glorified dao hui. I mean it has the same texture as a regular panna cotta, but tastes of soy and comes with a lovely berry compote.   Well the food was generally average I think (as is the art in this place), for the price range. I’m glad I tried it, but I would much prefer to go to the University Club, which does consistently good food at better prices.
Average Spend
$120 for 4 pax
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