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928 Yishun Laksa

Located on Yishun Central 1, 928 Yishun Laksa serves Local cuisine.
+65 97319586
$3 based on 68 submissions


the soup is very nice n thick!!! the best laksa I have ever ate!! its a must try!! the price is also very reasonable!!

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14 Dec 2014 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Not the same Yishun Laksa anymore

Change of people manning the stall. Laksa doesn't taste the same as the old Yishun Laksa. Taste more like typical food court laksa. No difference in portion between big serving and small serving. Stall owner also try to short change a $50 note.
12 Jan 2014 • 3 reviews • 0 follower


the soup is very nice n thick!!! the best laksa I have ever ate!! its a must try!! the price is also very reasonable!!
12 Mar 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower


All I can say is that u will regret if u don't have a taste of it! The soup and the noodle is just so superb ! Very irresistible and not very spicy though! Reach there earlier as u will be excited to see a long queue even after lunch break :)
16 Feb 2013 • 290 reviews • 11 followers

Best Laksa in Yishun!

Full review and photos:

 his laksa stall has been around for a long time. I got to know of this stall when I was in Secondary school which was more than 15 years ago. With no shop name except the word 'Laksa', this stall gained a following through word of mouth among those in the north (Yishun). Gradually this laksa stall became known as '928 Yishun Laksa' as the stall is located under Blk 928 in Yishun. This laksa stall is just behind the Yishun Interchange, a stone throw away from Yishun MRT station.

There are 2 shops side by side. Both sells laksa and desserts. The one which I am writing about in this post, is the one on the right (circled in red). 

There's always a perpetual queue at this stall. Quite surprising considering that it was raining cats and dogs and it was 3pm in the afternoon. Looks like everyone had the same idea.

Its just a tiny stall with one item on its menu; specialising in just serving laksa. The laksa is priced at either $2.50 or $3, without or without hum. Don't let the simple, no frills stall front foll you. This is a 'decorated' stall. Reviews and recommendations by newspapers, magazines and television programs are displayed. That is how famous and reputable this stall is for its laksa. 

For $3, you would get a generous portions of ingredients that was so fresh such as fish cakes, crab sticks, dried toufu, beansprouts,  hard boiled eggs and thick bee hoon. It also comes with hum. However, in this case I requested for no hum. The laksa gravy was light and rich. With fresh coconut milk, chilli and lots of dried shrimps that made the gravy so tasty and fragrant yet spicy. In addition, the gravy was not oily. Despite the spiciness, the more gravy you savour, the more you will love it. It was so addictive that I finish the whole bowl of laksa gravy (not something which I normally do as its not healthy).

The down side was that the place is not air conditioned and has limited seats. Despite the cooling weather, I was sweating. But well, this is a bowl of laksa well-worth sweating for. Still the best laksa in Yishun. Shiok!

Full review and photos:
08 Nov 2012 • 240 reviews • 1 follower

Yishun Best Laksa

928 yishun laksa - I'm not a laksa fan but I would still queue for 928 yishun laksa when I'm craving for something spicy, filling AND cheap! One bowl of $2.50 laksa can keep me full for a long time. Very generous with ingredients - a few fish cakes, lots of hum, half of a hard boiled egg, tau poks and lots of tasty soup! So cheap! Ambience wise - no air-con so you might be sweating after a piping hot and spicy bowl of laksa. No worries though, take aways only cost $0.20 more and they would pack the soup in a plastic bag and the noodles in a container. Cheapest and tastiest laksa.