#01-155, 928 Yishun Central 1, 760928
Asian, Local, Peranakan
+65 97319586
$3 based on 72 submissions
Brunch (4 votes), Cheap Eat/Budget (3 votes) ...

Located on Yishun Central 1, 928 Yishun Laksa serves Local cuisine.

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My Hum my Hum my Hum my Hum~

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience N/A | Service 3
Total Reviews: 239

What can be more heavenly then hums in laksa! This stall is not stingy on its ingredient, lots of dried shrimp is used to cook the gravy. The gravy isn't too spicy, or salty. It doesn't have a milk smell too!

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Total Reviews: 203

If you are looking for a place to have good and cheap laksa; or you would like to bring a foreign friend to try out a local dish the look no further than yishun laksa. This place packs probably one of the best laksa in Singapore at a really cheap price. You can also request for large portions of cockles and chilli powder for extra kick in your laksa. They close early at 6 plus I think so please be there early before dinner or during lunch lest you miss out on this simple yet delicious delicacy in Singapore. They come in a few serving sizes and as for me, I would usually eat 2 servings of the small size.

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Fantastic laksa

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 372

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If you are a laksa fan, you absolutely need to try 928 Yishun laksa. Cheap and good. Lots of ingredients. Addictive laksa soup. The queue quite long but worth the wait.  

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