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AJInoMORI (Holland Village)

Asian, Japanese


24 votes


Daily: 11:30 - 14:30

Daily: 18:00 - 23:00

$34 based on 14 reviews
Gyuu Karubi (Beef Short Rib) • Mentaiko Tofu Cheese • Salmon Avocado Tartare • Seared Salmon Roll with Spicy Sauce • Tontoro(Saikyo Miso) Pork Cheek
AJInoMORI is a casual izakaya hangout set in the cosy Holland Village enclave. AJInoMORI, taking its name from the combination of the Japanese words味の森, means a ‘forest – ful’ of flavours. See what foodies like this place for
umasou • 02 Jul 201168 reviews 9 followers

When I saw the discount coupon for this new place (izakaya) on two weeks ago, I prepared for lunch at Lorong Liput with a few clicks on the mouse.
Read Aji no Mori, this izakaya can accommodate 60 diners. Set in a warm and cosy ambience, one may choose to sit at a regular table in private cubicles, or bare his/her soles on the wooden platform (like the Japanese) for a more authentic feel.
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Gyu Karubi ($12)

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  • Dinner8 votes
  • After Work5 votes
  • Chillout4 votes
  • Lunch4 votes
  • Children/Family3 votes
  • Girls Night Out3 votes
  • Large Groups/Gathering3 votes
  • Quiet3 votes
  • Vibrant/Noisy3 votes


  • Foie gras Toufu Steak ($18)Foie gras Toufu Steak ($18)
  • Kenkou Sake to Yasai Maki ($10),Kenkou Sake to Yasai Maki ($10),
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910910 • 16 Jul 2014316 reviews 86 followers

I was wandering around when I discovered this place. It was a quiet early evening time. I ordered the usual cha soba and tempura and dessert.

The overall food taste was standard as other Jap places. The only differ was the environment was really peaceful to enjoy.

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Preeti 22 • 17 Jul 20133 reviews 0 followers

I like chinese food with Absolut Vodka Blue. Actually I and one of my best friend like chinese food very much. And we preferred this. We went on week end. We are completely satisfied with their food and services. I enjoyed everytime with my friends.

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pupmonk • 24 May 20132 reviews 0 followers

Sushi sashimi and maki were good but avoid the yakimono; tasteless and tough. Not so good value for money, but service was attentive. :)

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