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(Closed) Absolute Thai Restaurant (Century Square)

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#01-19/2021/22, Centruy Square, 2 Tampines Central 5, 529509
Asian, Beer, Indochinese, Thai, Wines
+65 62608846

Daily: 11:30 - 21:30

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Absolute Thai Restaurant is located in Century Square and specializes in Thai Cuisine.

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Absolutely Not

Food/Drink 2 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 86

Absolute Thai? Absolutely Not, Absolutely Expensive, Absolutely POOR SERVICE!


To give them some credits, some of the food they served are up to standard, the standard of Zhi Char but at a very steep price. The serving are quite small too. 5 of us ordered 6 dishes with 5 steam rice and yet none of us are full yet. Just to note that, we are not big eater here.

Thai Fish Cake (4pcs, $9) is the only food that tasted Thai among our list of dish, but i definitely taste better Thai food elsewhere. BeanCurd with Minched Chix ($11), Beef with Oyster Sauce ($12), Brocolli with Mushroom & Garlic ($10) are more of Chinese dishes that we can easily get from Coffeeshop around Singapore at a larger portion and cheaper price. Baked Honey Prk Ribs (5pcs, $13) are another pathetic dish. Honestly, Cafe Cartel will offer you a MUCH LARGER portion at around the same price. Trust me, the Cafe Cartel's taste much better.Thai Money Bag (8pcs, $7) is crispy but lack of unique taste. I am unable to figure out what the fillings is made up of.

Two of us ordered their famous Thai Iced Tea ($5 each), recommended by the staff, which tasted like Honey Milk Tea at any bubble tea shop. The drink tasted pretty nice and the appearance looks special.We were offered a complimentary dessert (1 portion, worth $3.90) for a reason not made known to us. The value seems to be the most acceptable one and comparable with the outside market. The ruby is not as crispy but still tasted okay.


Honestly, I do not understand why they need to clear our plate when we are not even finish with our food yet. Are they trying to chase us away? In the middle of the table, there are at least 3-4 more dishes left. When my friends had stopped eating for awhile, their service crew came over and asked if we had finished our food. This happened again when I just put down my fork and spoon. The restaurant is pretty empty and if this is their definition of good and efficient service, i suggest that all of them should go for training again.

We will DEFINITELY not return to the place again.

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Absolutely [email protected] Thai

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

stir fry beancurd with basil -- Failed.

Beancurd was tasteless, the soy sauce "gravy" was so watery, taste like diluted soy sauce, even dipping and tossing the beancurd in the sauce did not help in adding any flavor to it.

Stir fry chicken in cashew and chili - slightly better, still not fantastic

We ordered extra spicy, but extremely disappointed at the level of spiciness that is just slightly more than sweet and sour chili. Well this is subjective. The dish was too oily.

Mango salad with shrimp- better

Big portion, taste was ok, but cashew nuts sprinkle on top were too little

Promotional free dessert-disaster, if we were to pay

Fee Dessert was red ruby and jackfruit in coconut milk. Red ruby and jackfruit were crunchy, not too bad, but the coconut milk taste weird like antibiotic syrup...awww,...


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