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(Closed) Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar (Dempsey Road)


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Address: 22 Dempsey Road
Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar is an all-day bistro serves a range of cuisine that will cater to the most discerning palate; perfect for a breezy afternoon lunch, a cup of coffee and dessert for high tea.

Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 23:00

Sat: 11:00 - 01:00

Sun: 10:00 - 17:00

+65 64765961
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Get Addicted with Addictions Cafe

Every time we drive out of Dempsey Hill via Dempsey Road, we'll pass by the old abode of Oosh that used to be one of the most hip wine and dine place on Dempsey Hill. The private car park use to be lined with posh marques like Lamborghini and Porsches. Oosh closed down since July 2011. A more tranquil revamp job puts Addictions Cafe in place of Oosh. This cafe is just opened in March 2012 and is already trying to get all of us addicted. We have the honor of "booking the whole space" on Good Friday morning thanks to the late morning downpour. Eat Eat Eat members' turn up was 100% despite the not too ideal weather.

We took comfort in the shelters of the cafe, protected from the downpour. The only misgiving about the place is the use of spot lights. I think spot lights are not friendly for a relaxing meal as they are too harsh on the eyes.

In order to attract family crowds, there must be something on the menu that can appeal to kids. The category of milk shakes was spot on. Which kid would reject a good milk shake? Lactose intolerent ones not included. Here's the Strawberry Milk Shake, smoothly blended and topped with a cherry. I am a coffee person that love peanut and Nutty Coffee Sor, a coffee, peanut butter milk shake, just knocked me flat. Little Vic was supposed to share her strawberry milk shake with J but poor J was mostly deprived. There are 3 more other flavors under their "Virgin Shakes" category. Kids or Adults alike, with these potent shakes, nobody's weaning off milk just yet.

As we were the only group of people in the cafe, there's no doubt that we got perfect service as all attention were put on us. After our meal, the weather cleared up a bit and the little angels among us went out to explore the water feature among the greens.

Crab About You is the Almond Crusted Soft Shell Crab with wilted spinach and hoi sin lim chilli dressing. That was some impressive starter to start us going. It's a big enough portion to share among a few people.

Truffle Fries with Rhubarb Ketchup. There's no need for the Rhubarb Ketchup as the truffle oil and grated parmesan cheese already held it's own. The Rhubarb Ketchup is more perky in sourness than the typical bottled ones. This is another favorites for all the little angels on our table. When I say little angels, it's me included :P Cos I was grabbing away the fries with the little ones until we all thought that another portion was in order.

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Stew Kuche

European • German

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01 Oct 2013 • 201 reviews • 1 follower

Nothing seems right, from the food to the service. Great ambience though.

For more reviews,

Rants Serious attempts need to be made to improve the quality of the food served, seriously. Addictions also has too big a space to be covered by only a few staff, poor service standards by a team who tries their best. Will I return again? Food wise, it ain’t the best brunch place. But the restaurant has both outdoor and indoor spaces which are extremely comfy for group gatherings or just a simple relaxing weekend meal. Not sure I will return again though, unless …..
30 Sep 2013 • 145 reviews • 29 followers

Lovely setting and yummy, hearty food!

22 Dempsey. It seems like the venue has been cursed, with new tenants moving in, moving out, and then repeating... That is until now. Over the past 6 months, the likes of Carnivore and Addictions Cafe have moved in, making 22 a rather good spot now!
(read full review with pics at

Last week I had the pleasure of heading down for lunch and sampling a variety of their dishes, by new Aussie-Vietnamese Chef Trinh Chi Quang. From first bite, you already know things have changed at 22 Dempsey, and clearly for the better.   Stepping past Carnivore, you have to admire the wide, open space surrounded by lush forestry which encompassed the area. It's really beautiful. The sort of place where you'd imagine weddings taking place.   The food at Addictions has been divided in two, like the Chef, offering a healthy selection of Asian-inspired western dishes, as well as some straight up Vietnamese numbers.   There is really something for everyone, I was particularly impressed by their Cured Salmon Salad; mesclun, edamame and soba noodles, all tossed in a delicious orange, soy dressing. And at $18, it's a proper, hearty salad.
(read full review with pics at
06 Aug 2013 • 1 review • 0 follower

Love the new Addictions Cafe menu!

I 1st chanced upon 22 Dempsey's Addictions Cafe about a year ago and since then, they've changed their menu and can I say, for the better!

1st of all, this place is just beautiful! Nestled in greenery, with a cascading waterfall, Addictions Cafe has both indoor and outdoor sitting. I prefer indoor although it's very pretty outside especially at night but I get eaten alive by mosquitoes no matter where I go! Besides, the ambience indoors is perfect and the staff are always so attentive and helpful!

Since my husband and I are big on salads, we decided to get 1 each. I ordered the cured salmon salad which was yummy, refreshing and hearty. The soba and crunchy edamame went so well with the savoury soya dressing. My husband had the soft shell crab and it was just perfect! The crab was fried to a crisp and the orange segments gave the salad some sweetness and was really refreshing.

Whenever I eat out, I try to be adventureous and order lamb whenever it is available. There were 2 lamb dishes on the new menu and I was so torn between the lamb burger and the lamb rack in spicy chocolate mint sauce!! I finally settled for the lamb rack and it was such a winner!! The lamb was done medium rare with a seared crispy exterior and red inside. The sauce was very exotic tasting but I can see alot of Asians not enjoying it coz it's so different! I loved it, as well as the kumera mash, which is really a sweet potato mash although I would prefer it sweeter. The greens were blanched well but too little for me coz I love my greens.

My husband is usually safe in his food choices and usually always goes for the seafood pasta so he was happy to order to papardelle with seafood. The tomato sauce was delicious and the seafood was so fresh. The pasta was also cooked al-dente which was coated with the sauce nicely. My husband literally licked the plate clean.

I've always had a sweet tooth and the sticky date pudding came highly recommended by the server and it didn't fail to impress! It was soft and moist and very decadent! The sticky date sauce was so delicious...I was seriously in heaven.

I'm planning to do a small party here for a birthday over the next few months! Can't wait to try the other dishes!