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(Closed) Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar (Dempsey Road)

Asian, International, Local, Western


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Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 23:00

Sat: 11:00 - 01:00

Sun: 10:00 - 17:00

Dempsey Road
$46 based on 7 reviews
Addictions Cafe & Remedy Bar is an all-day bistro serves a range of cuisine that will cater to the most discerning palate; perfect for a breezy afternoon lunch, a cup of coffee and dessert for high tea. See what foodies like this place for
Slurpeeeee • 11 Apr 2012181 reviews 12 followers

Every time we drive out of Dempsey Hill via Dempsey Road, we'll pass by the old abode of Oosh that used to be one of the most hip wine and dine place on Dempsey Hill. The private car park use to be lined with posh marques like Lamborghini and Porsches. Oosh closed down since July 2011. A more tranquil revamp job puts Addictions Cafe in place of Oosh. This cafe is just opened in March 2012 and is already trying...

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The Ranting Panda • 01 Oct 2013177 reviews 1 followers

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Rants Serious attempts need to be made to improve the quality of the food served, seriously. Addictions also has too big a space to be covered by only a few staff, poor service standards by a team who tries their best.
Will I return again? Food wise, it ain’t the best brunch place. But the restaurant has both outdoor and indoor spaces which are extremely comfy for group gatherings or just a simple relaxing weekend meal. Not sure I will return again though, unless …..

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The City Nomad • 30 Sep 2013145 reviews 28 followers

22 Dempsey. It seems like the venue has been cursed, with new tenants moving in, moving out, and then repeating... That is until now. Over the past 6 months, the likes of Carnivore and Addictions Cafe have moved in, making 22 a rather good spot now!
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 Last week I had the pleasure of heading down for lunch and sampling a variety of their dishes, by new Aussie-Vietnamese...

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Cokie Smurf • 06 Aug 20131 reviews 0 followers

I 1st chanced upon 22 Dempsey's Addictions Cafe about a year ago and since then, they've changed their menu and can I say, for the better!
1st of all, this place is just beautiful! Nestled in greenery, with a cascading waterfall, Addictions Cafe has both indoor and outdoor sitting. I prefer indoor although it's very pretty outside especially at night but I get eaten alive by mosquitoes no matter where I go! Besides, the ambience indoors is perfect and...

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