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Alfresco/Outdoor Dining (11 votes), After Work (7 votes), Chillout (7 votes) ...

Gusto is arguably Orchard Road's largest Italian restaurant in an al fresco setting. It features a chic bar offering a delectable array of spirits, wines and cocktails and a contemporary dining area set amongst lush greenery with menu featuring authentic Italian regional delights and Chef's favourites.

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Tuna Salad, come with wasabi dip.
Tuna Salad, come with wasabi dip.

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Fabulous Food. Medicore Drinks. Awful Service

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 2
Total Reviews: 49

Food - good selection. tasted fabulous. Good portions. We had pasta, mozarella balls, and panna cotta and tiramisu
Drinks - seemed limited. Dirty martini was not proportionate. Singapore Sling was alright. They will not serve water.
Ambiance - for weeknight it was nice, quiet , charming. We had outdoor non smoking table.

Location - right in middle of orchard road and the mrt

Service - awful. The entre order of out food arrived at the same time, without the soup. The waiter failed to key in the soup. So we cancel. We were expecting to have drinks and the mozarella balls. But no the entire order came, followed by drinks. This left us disappointed, and was a bit angry at first. But realized it was pointless to talk to manager if their staff was like this. A weeknight meant it was not busy at all, but messing with our order made us think not to go back again. Even though the food was pretty good.

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What a disappointment!

Food/Drink 2| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

Mediocre food, terrible service.
 To start off, we had to repeat our reservation details 3 times to get seated. The manager who was serving us was clearly not paying attention to what we were saying. We gave him the name the reservation was made under but he kept asking us if we were '3 plus 2 group'. There were only 4 of us.
 Shortly after we got seated, the same manager attempted to take our order, while standing behind the counter. Sure, the counter was just next to our table but the least he could do was to step away from the counter and approach our table. We didn't even realised he was speaking to us initially. And as if it couldn't get worst, the first thing he said to us was 'Are you ready to order? Better order now before my kitchen gets busy'. Before we could respond, he proceeded to point at each of us, going around the table, to take our orders. Pointed at us 'you, you, you, & you'. Imagine the look of horror on our faces.
 Not wanting to make a fuss, we ordered. And surely another round of bad service ensured when our food arrived. The manager ordered us to 'keep your menu away' so he could place the food down. Plates were placed down loudly. Clearly, we got it, our business was not welcome.
 We finished our undercooked pastas and called for the bill. The bill was then hastily provided - receipt placed on the table with a comment 'check!'.
 Got it. Never coming back.
 By the way, the coffee tasted bad with a strong burnt aftertaste.

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Bad service. Mediocre food.

Food/Drink 1| Value 1| Ambience 1| Service 1
Total Review: 1

When we reached, the staff (who seems like a manager) very curtly asked us if we are eating or only having drinks. We replied that we are eating. But it seems like a very irrelevant question. Does it mean that customers who order food should be served differently from those who ordered drinks? Subsequently, we ordered the prawn aglio olio and smoked duck with foie gras. The former was still ok but the latter had overcooked pasta and the sauce was tasteless. The foie gras was a greasy lump. It tasted really bad. The staff who brought our food over also seems to be in a bad mood. When he brought the food over, we couldn't hear what he was saying so we hesitated before accepting our food. He had to repeat what he said and we can see that he was really unhappy to be repeating himself. It really made the entire dining experience very unpleasant. This restaurant really needs to buck up on the quality of their food offerings and their service standards. There are actually many other Italian restaurants within orchard road.

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Unremarkable. Not fantastic. Exceptionally Average

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 2
Total Reviews: 16

a step above Pasta-Mania or Pizza Hut, but nothing fantastic that I would recommend.  the quality of the place made it more appropriate for the lower levels of ION. Also they charged us a dollar for a cup of plain, un-bottled warm water for my wife.  To me, charging for tap water is aggressively low-class.

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