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Alfresco/Outdoor Dining17 votes
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Live Band3 votes
Supper3 votes

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What others are saying...

 • Tuesday at 3:38pm 2 reviews 0 follower
A very enjoyable and pleasant experience at Alkaff Mansion!

The service was impeccable, staff were attentive and initiative! Very pleased with how professional and well trained the staff were.

Not to mention, the food was really delicious as well! Thumbs up :)

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I spent $40 per person.

I added 3 photos

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Serene Toh
 • 06 Jul 2014 1 review 0 follower
It was my second time to Alkaff for High Tea. The first time i came, i remember the food was not fantastic but the ambience made up for the experience. This time around, it was horrible. 

Let me just start with the things that are nice. The tea selection was extensive and the truffle pasta was nice, which we had a few servings. Because thats the only thing that we felt was palatable. The open face sandwiches was decent.

The 3 tier high tea set looks nice but tasted horrible. Eating the Macaroons felt like eating sugar, the cream for the scones tasted stale like its been around forever, the jam tasted like low quality jam and very sweet, the mini fruit tart was tasteless w a piece of pathetic looking strawberry sitting on top. I am a big fan of those 3 tier high tea set but it was the first time i didnt finish every item on one. 

The desserts on the dessert table were all overly sweet. Think desserts from cheap buffets. I wouldnt mind if i was paying $20 for cheap buffet, but we are looking at SGD 50 per pax for these food.

I am very disappointed and feel really bad because i recommended the place for my girlfriend's birthday. And all of us think the food was horrible.

With so many up and coming new cafes and bakeries, i expected alkaff to have better quality of food to justify the price.

Needless to say, we would not be back again. 

And this is the first time i feel so strongly about leaving a feedback for a restaurant. 

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I spent $47 per person.

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DreamLove Eat
 • 01 Jun 2014 48 reviews 1 follower
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I love the tranquil surroundings. I have went Alkaff Mansion a couple of times. The most attractive point is the ambience. It gives out a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. They also served great dishes. The service is also swift and friendly. I will defintely come back again.
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I spent $55 per person.

I added 2 photos

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Dear DreamLove Eat,

We are delighted to hear the positive feedback on your dining experience with us at Alkaff Mansion Ristorante.

Thank you for the compliments on our food and ambience. We appreciate your feedback and are pleased to hear that you are satisfied with our food and service. We will convey your compliments to our chef and service crews.

We hope to see you soon. Be sure to try our other dishes on the menu when you return.

23 June 2014