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Annalakshmi Janatha Restaurant is a unique Indian vegetarian dining concept like no other. With its “Eat what you Want and Give" approach, diners are not bound to fixed charges by anything on the menu.

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My favorite vegetarian buffet in singapore

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 3| Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Pay what you want for a buffet meal, it doesn't get better than that. 

Food doesn't disappoint, desserts and fruits are always sweet and tasty, and they even give you a drink to go with your meal. I personally always ask for sweet lassi.

I love this place and try to go every week. Dunno what some of the reviews are talking about with the service. Cash register lady did give me a glare for almost walking out without paying, but I kinda blame myself for being absentminded that time. 

still love the place though! 

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Eat whatever you can pay

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 3| Service 5
Total Reviews: 230

Annalakshmi Janatha restaurant is named after the goddess of plenty and runs by the ethos atithidevo bhav (Sanskrit for ‘the guest is God’). The atmosphere here is like dining at an Indian friend’s home. The menu changes on the chef’s whim (those who cook and serve at Annalakshmi are volunteers of the charitable organisation by the same name) but the food is consistently good. We have tried their appam (fermented rice pancake) and vegetable stew, potato palya (dry, spiced potatoes) and cauliflower curry among a slew of other North and South Indian home-cooked dishes. You can order off a menu or take your pick from the regularly rotated buffet counter. Annalakshmi invites customers to pay what they wish (or can). For more Best Buffets reviews, read here*gid-fc280400/photos/#25df0700

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Yummy vegetarian Indian food

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 5
Total Reviews: 29

The last time I ate at annalakshmi was when it was located at Chinatown point. The outlet at havelock rd is quite accessible.

The spread on Sunday afternoon consisted of 2 types of rice, one white and one green. The latter was sweet. There was a soup as well. There were abt 6 other dishes such as fried bee hoon, potato, veg, etc. Im not sure what are the ingredients in some of the dishes eaten. Dessert wise was watermelon and warm bobo chacha.

I ordered coffee after my meal. It was already made with milk and sugar. It was too milky and sweet for my liking.

Overall, the standard was similar to my previous visit, but the service level is so much higher.

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Beautifully decorated Indian restaurant with an admirable dining concept

Food/Drink 4| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 43

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Type of Institution: Vegetarian

Overall: 7.3/10

The ornate brown doors of Annalakshmi open to a spacious interior decorated in a simple yet refined manner with traditional Indian furnishings. Annalakshmi can be distinguished from many restaurants in Singapore as it has a deep philosophical underpinning – to “serve, love, give”. It is part of a larger organization, Temple of Fine Arts, which promotes the arts, culture and service to the community.

One of the most unique aspects of Annalakshmi is that there is no fixed price for the food, be it for the buffet or the ala carte menu. A sign on the table sweetly urges you to “Eat As You Wish, Pay As You Feel. We Believe in You. We Trust You.”  I like how this philosophy immediately creates a positive relationship between the restaurant and the customer. God knows we all need a break from cynicism every once in a while. Their “Eat what you Want and Give as you Feel” concept also gives more autonomy to the customer, especially for the buffet – it makes infinitely more sense for the customer to pay the sum he or she thinks is deserving for the quantity and the quality of the food he or she consumed.

As for service, the staff were generally attentive and helpful. Upon my inquiry as to which items in the buffet were vegan-friendly, one of the servers took me through the dishes one by one to explain which dishes contained dairy and which were safe for my consumption. However, another server seemed rather unsure as to the ingredients in the dishes.

I arrived during lunch, and opted for the buffet with 2 orders of chapathi. Both the buffet and ala carte menu offered a small selection of traditional Indian cuisine. The dishes in the buffet change daily. Generally the food was not too oily, particularly for Indian food standards.

At the top, we have two dals, one soup, and a gravy. While the delicious soup was rich with spices, one of the dals and the gravy were so salty I didn’t finish it. The okra in one of the dals was overcooked as well.

Fortunately, the side dishes at the bottom fared better. The bajji (deep-fried fritters) on the bottom left were quite addictive, with its crispy outer layer, soft potato filling and a slice of plantain in the middle. However, the accompanying coconut chutney was quite watery and did not contribute much flavour. To the right, we have some tasty and well-cooked cabbage and a curried mix of sweet potato and potato.

I would also recommend the warm, thin and chewy chapathi. Avoid the overcooked and mushy white rice.

(pay as you wish; if you’re curious I paid $12)

Conclusion: The vegan options at Annalakshmi’s lunch buffet were hit and miss. However, I foresee myself coming back – perhaps to try the ala carte menu – simply because I enjoyed the ambience and I love their dining concept.

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