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 • 28 Jul 2013 319 reviews 54 followers
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Previously known as Baker's Inn, Bakerzin is well known for its freshly made French inspired artisinal bread and desserts.

Ambience at Bakerzin is designed to look rustic and welcoming, with comfortable furniture, clean lines, high ceilings, and natural lighting. Service at Bakerzin is decent. Staff are friendly and polite, and able to carry conversations. Bakerzin staff will accomodate certain change requests as well. I did feel they look slightly rushed at times.

Breads, pastries and desserts are the highlight at Bakerzin. Their bakery churns out freshly made products daily, and part of the appeal is being able to see the chefs / bakers at work. Flavours are superb, and prices are very reasonable for the quality you get. The menu in their cafe is rather limited, focusing more on sandwiches and pasta dishes, but the same high quality comes through in their food.

They have the sexiest looking Blueberry Danish I've ever seen! A crispy and flaky pastry diamond sits beneath a generous topping of fresh blueberries and custard, held together with a thin layer of jelly. Really good!

I spent $20 per person.

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  • Mushroom Penne
  • Warm Chocolate Cake
  • Mushroom Penne
  • Warm Chocolate Cake

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