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Surprisingly Clean and Value for Money!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
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I'm usually quite apprehensive about dining at a coffeeshop with 2 young kids, especially when attempting something like crabs, but my recent experience at Bedok Crab and Seafood Village was surprisingly pleasant.

Firstly, the tables were well-wrapped in clean and new plastic. No issues with kids biting the table or eating from the table. There were sufficient fans and ventilation so it was rather cooling sitting there.

Service was good. Response was fast and servers were friendly. Got us extra bowls without us having to ask. Crab was weighed in the open so weight was open for all to see. The lady did her best to fit my request for a 1kg crab, grabbing a few to weigh, unlike some places that don't really bother.

At only $42/kg for Sri Lankan Crabs, it was well-worth the money. My crab came fleshy and succulent, absolutely fresh and tasty. I tried the salted egg cooking style but didn't really like it. Perhaps other flavours would go with the crab better.

Other dishes were also reasonably priced and tasty. Will definitely go back again!

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