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Bistro Soori has closed.

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Address: 2 Teck Lim Road, 088380
12 Sep 2012 • 2 Reviews • 0 Follower

Decent food but disappointing service

Went to Bistro Soori with a few girlfriends last Saturday (8/9/12) to celebrate my friend's birthday. I'm usually too lazy to write any food reviews, but the service at Soori left me feeling terribly sorry for having recommended the place to the birthday girl that I felt compelled to leave a note here for others and also the management (if they can be bothered to check out this space). As stated in the title, the food was above average and as reviewed by others here, pretty decent. However, the service was definitely wanting and not up to par given the price we paid that night (about S$400+ for a group of 4).

Here is my list of complaints: 1. The restaurant took forever to take our food orders - restaurant was understaffed for a Saturday night, and we had to ask a few times before a waitress came to take our orders.

2. We asked for wine recommendations and we were informed point blank that no one in the restaurant knew anything about the wines served at the restaurant as the manager was on leave i.e. no one could help us out with our choice. Huh? We don’t expect all restaurants to have sommeliers but shouldn't the wait staff have at least some basic knowledge of the wines being served?

3. When the food came, the waitress just plonked the plates anywhere she fancied without first checking who had ordered what. In the first place, shouldn't the waitress take note of the orders made by each person when taking the orders? There were only 4 of us - come on, it's not that hard or confusing. In any event, if she's not sure, shouldn’t she ask us before placing the food down on the table? She did neither of these and we had to shift the food around amongst ourselves and feel ridiculous doing it.

4. When we made our reservation, we asked about corkage charges for the champagne that we intended to bring along, and were informed that there wouldn't be any if we ordered alcohol from the restaurant. When the bill came, they charged us S$40 for corkage, and we had get them to reverse the charges.

I think I've said enough. Basically, I don’t see myself returning to the place anytime soon. Some basic training for the staff is in order here. I’m not worried for the restaurant though since Singaporeans have high tolerance for bad service as long as the food is decent. And indeed, this may be why the restaurant is indifferent about staff training.

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