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Blackbird Cafe

FusionNew ZealandWestern
New Zealand food has made an entry into Singapore with the establishment of Blackbird Cafe, a cozy cafe situated along Handy Road. It boasts an extensive menu that caters to all tastes, which ranges from soups, steaks and sandwiches.

Mon - Thu: 11:00 - 22:00

Fri - Sat: 11:00 - 00:00

Sun: 10:00 - 22:00

Sunday brunch from 10am to 3pm
+65 63373448
$24 based on 38 submissions
Brunch (18 votes), Breakfast (9 votes), Lunch (9 votes)

The HGW community like this place for...

  • Eggs Benedict3 votes
  • Fries1 vote
  • Pancakes1 vote
  • Summer Squash1 vote
  • Tiramisu1 vote
  • set lunch1 vote
Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 38 votes
03 Nov 2014 • 78 reviews • 0 follower

Prolly one of the most underrated cafes!

For a full review with pictures and a detailed write-up!
28 Oct 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Set Lunch Specials

Recently went there with a few colleagues for lunch.  Tried their set lunch specials.  I ordered the Seafood Risotto which was great, with flavourful stock and scallops fresh and cooked just right.  My colleagues enjoyed their orders as well.  Ambience was relaxed and nice.

I was introduced to this place by this food app called WOMP which can be found at:

The set lunch specials were featured there and you could get more info there.
05 Sep 2014 • 9 reviews • 0 follower

Basics done wrong

The poached eggs of their eggs benedict was overcooked. So much so that when you cut into the egg, it's just one solid yellow centre. Ordered the full breakfast too, and the bacon was dry, cold, tough, and extremely stale looking. It seemed as though they were serving up last night's fried bacon right out from the fridge.

Was a terrible shame cos they do have some pretty decent wait staff here. They were quiet on a Sunday brunch time (around 11am-12pm), and it figures cos they really don't have the substance in food quality to back them up.
03 Aug 2014 • 1 review • 0 follower

Never disappoints

Blackbird has been my regular hang out for more than three years and it never fails to disappoint. The staff are always at hand and the vibe is positive and relaxed. Yummy and varied food menu with a New Zealand theme running through. Happy Hour 1-for-1 on premium wines and beers is Blackbird's signature special and very popular. I come here on my own, with my partner/friends and also business meetings. It is suited for all. Blackbird is really where I nest after work
05 Jan 2014 • 29 reviews • 0 follower

Blackbird Cafe New Year's Brunch, Decent But Not Outstanding

For full review and photos of all the food, please visit

I like this place because the food was generally ok with prices that were affordable. I liked that most of the courses, other than the burgers were served with a generous mesclun salad which ensures you get enough fibre and vitamins to make up for the cholestrol in all those egg yolks. My main beef with this Blackbird Cafe though, was the smell of the oil in the eatery. You know how sometimes when eateries serve deep fried stuff, and somehow the oil doesn't leave and the whole place smells of it? Yeah I really hate those kind of places because most of the time you end up smelling like what you eat, and what other people ate three days ago. Certainly puts a damper on the meal.

Mini Lamb Burger Patties @ SGD 15.00++ where I think the fries were really quite awesome. They were very well-seasoned and savoury and I almost couldn't stop munching although this wasn't mine.

Eggs Benny @ SGD 14.80 ++ were served with on an english muffin each with a choice of ham, bacon or portobello mushroom, topped with hollandaise sauce and served with mixed greens. Also an okay dish, nothing much to rave about.

Summer Squash sandwich @ SGD 13.80 ++, in which there was grilled aubergine @ zucchini with capsicum, basil pesto and brie on turkish bread. I thought this sandwich was really yummy and took me by surprise. I was expecting something bland from all the veggies but I was quite wrong. The pesto added a nice burst of flavour supplemented by the nicely roasted capsicum. The aubergine with brie cheese added a meaty texture that made me forget I was eating rabbit food. Certainly delicious and above my expectations. If its so colourful as below, it must be packed with vitamin goodness.