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Can have one cheap try not worth w/o promotion

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
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Bought from deal and went with my friends last weekend. Stated as korean steamboat & BBQ buffet but beside pork belly, kimchi and fresh vegetable (which is not really that fresh), even that their built-in grills was like any normal steamboat bbq which i can have in seoul garden and is smaller, nothing least like korean style.

1. Table & Chair is really not that comfortable caused full wood-board with no room for stretching. And quite cram for the so-call room, little space for movement.

2. Food: 2 section: But certain foods was repeated on 2 sections, no luncheon meat, no refill for gold-mushroom even after mentioned.

Only 2 choice of drink: Orange juice or Lime Juice

Choice of seafood: Bamboo Clam (small don look so fresh and really frozen), Japanese pregnant fish, normal and marinate sotong and prawns.

My other friend who went there before us said soup was really tasteless like water but we put alot of things in so the soup still ok. The taste was so-so.

3.Service: Attitude from the staff was average. We are late and we are sorry that we are over the required time but they will keep staring at us and whistling to each other and even after awhile they come to remind us their tone was like" you know you end at 7.00 right, because there are still other customers who make reservaton" and we are like -_-'' and faster finished our food (no alterative solution if we are still eating??)

Now got promotion, first promotion was only given 2 hr time grace. Now: (ridiculous)

Lunch timing is from 11am to 3pm Dinner timing is from 5pm to 11pm

P:S: An additional $5 is required for Fri, Sat & Sun


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Most helpful reviews for Blossom Garden (花开园)

Super Lousy restaurant with lousy food and service

Food/Drink N/A | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service N/A
Total Reviews: 5


- seems like a nice place for dinning only if it is not so smokey

Food/Beverage: 0/10 (Dont think it is worth a point at all)

- though u cook yourself, the meat are cut slightly too big to bbq especially chicken.

- the meat are not well marinated, only beef seems better.

- no or slow refill of the food especially beef and the cooked items.

- variety of the food is very little.

- basically nothing is good, ate some beef, crab sticks and mushrooms only.

- Beverage is ok, just slow or no refills.

Service: 0/10 (Also dont think it is worth a point at all)

- no one attends to us when came after some time.

- their personnel walked away while talking to us half way and she did her own things.

- for the whole eating session, no one even cleared a plate on the table.

- their personnel hands us a aluminum foil and tell us to change it ourselves when we asked her to change the charred aluminum foil on the BBQ tray.


- assuming the food and service gets better, for the price of $24, it is slightly a bit on the higher side comparing to other buffet restaurants near Tan Quee Lan Street. The variety is just too little.

Recommendation: 0/10

- food is bad, service is bad, price is not too cheap too. For the price of $24, it would be better to try other buffet restaurants near that area. Dont go unless u are really loaded, wanna get pissed off by the service and food. Seems like getting cheated...

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Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 3 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

Saw this deal $16.00 instead of $23.00 for a Korean Buffet at Bugis street. Bought 2 voucher to try it out with my boyfriend.

The ambience and setting is nice. Clean and cosy with the warm lighting inside the restaurant. Air con is available, which I think it is very good. You get to enjoy food under a cool environment.

The disappointed part for this restaurant is

1) Lack of food. I think there is only about 20 kind of selections (cook food included).

2) Taste of food. I think Seoul garden did a better job.

3) Freshness of food. I seriously do not dare to try out their seafood.

I only spend about 1hour to finish the buffet meal.

It is not even worth paying $16.00. I believe i can find better steamboat shop over there.

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