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(Closed) Bo Ji Hong Kong Delights (Raffles City SC)

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Asian, Cantonese, Chinese

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eggette freshly made on the spot

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience N/A | Service 3
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Tried the original eggette $3.50 and found it kinda expensive.

The flavoured eggettes cost more! They have durian, green tea and etc. eggettes which I wanted to try but was turned off by the prices. The stall sells drinks too.

Anw, the eggettes are freshly made upon ordering so this means a waiting time of approx 5min.

The eggette was soft and fluffy (or airy) inside (there is no filling) while the corners were slightly crispy. If you haven't tried it, it's kinda hard to visualize. Visit for the photo!


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