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Boathouse (Fullerton Road)

European, Western


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Mon - Fri: 12:00 - 14:00

Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 23:00

$75 based on 21 reviews
Serving Modern European dishes with signature dishes such as Fish Chowder with Sea Bass Carpaccio and home made White Chocolate Semi Freddo, Boathouse also boasts a wide range of wines and whisky. See what foodies like this place for
alq77 • 31 Mar 2011258 reviews 12 followers

I tried the Boathouse set lunch. First up some oysters naturale, which taste quite fresh. Then the house salmon appetiser, which is a bit bland and lacking flavour. For the main I have the wagyu beef (Australian). This was disappointing, certainly not melt in the mouth, the fat content seems like a normal steak in fact. Finally for dessert the sorbet, which is quite good, especially the accompanying berries. Overall the food is a bit below my expectation for this...

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What others are saying...

OYHZ • 09 Apr 201460 reviews 0 followers

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Designed to be a boat that is permanently docked along Fullerton Road, the Boathouse Fullerton looks remarkable inside-out.

The interior is a reminiscent of the old Singapore and the secret history of the 1919 waterboat house.
Various historical items are displayed on tables and the walls as a connection to the history of the building and location.
Boasting of beautiful timber and soothing white walls, the decor gives off a warm, sophiscated ambience. Not only that, the beautiful French windows exquisitely frame breathtaking views of the Singapore waterfront

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ArcticStar • 01 Apr 2014310 reviews 2 followers

Shaped like a magnificent three-storey, stately ship that is permanently docked, Boathouse Fullerton looks interesting from the outside and offers diners great views from the inside as well.
 Interior-wise, this place offers a quaint and intimate ambience in a beautiful setting of rich browns and elegant chandeliers. Besides the sophisticated decor that gives diners a sense of happiness, the service crew provided rather immaculate service as well. This place prides itself on bringing French dining to a new...

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Jerrychee • 14 Sep 20131 reviews 0 followers

It was a special occasion and my fiance and I were looking forward to dining at the Boathouse to relive our days staying abroad in Europe.
I made the reservation via Chope, which did not give me problems before.
Arriving at Boathouse, we were greeted by an Event Only sign at the entrance. After explaining our reservation to a lady, whom I assumed was the manager, she repeatedly insisted that there was no reservation made and she delegated...

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