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Botak Jones (Centrepoint) has closed.

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(Closed) Botak Jones (Centrepoint)


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Address: #B2-101/104, The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road, 238843
+65 67331225
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Latest Community Reviews:
• 25 Feb 2012 • 70 reviews • 1 follower


I saw that Botak Jones had opened a new stall in the basement food court at Centrepoint. I fancied a burger so tried it out in my lunch hour.

The staff were friendly enough, the burger was expensive - $10. I was expecting something pretty tasty. They delivered the burger, it all looked OK, lots of chips, a nice-looking grilled burger, a bit of side salad and coleslaw. Sadly looks can be deceiving - the burger was cold inside.

I took the dish back and told them and they apologised and said they'd make another one. The chef himself brought it over and apologised again and said that they cook their burgers from fresh and do them medium unless you ask.......but the thing is, if it really was made from fresh, the inside would have been pink - but it wasn't, it was grey. It looked suspiciously like it had been microwaved or something earlier that day and then chucked on a grill to make it look better. The meat didn't look all that good either - stringy, cheap stuff.

So off he goes and I cut the burger open and it's a bit warmer but still cold in the middle. I gave up, just ate the fries and the bun, tried the outside bit of the burger but it wasn't that tasty - it was like the kind of cheap frozen ones you can buy at the supermarket.

Shame really - the people seemed nice, they didn't moan when I took my burger back, but I just don't think they can cook that well.

  • plain burger and fries

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