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Chilling out

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 37

Out of the norm, we chanced upon this japanese restaurant at Botejyu San Restaurant at Star  Vista.
It looks more like family type of restaurant.

We do not know what do they served and just wanna try out after a day walk & chat with my dear sister.
The restaurant is not crowded, is abit too quiet as it seems not much customers.

Makan here is not the important point but just want to have a good chat with my sister.
We ordered some dishes.  Food types are really not to our favourite, maybe not used to this type of cooking method.

Nonetheless, you can try out too! 

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Most helpful reviews for Botejyu San (Plaza Singapura)

Specialist In Okonomiyaki

Food/Drink 3 | Value 4 | Ambience 2 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 471

Full Botejyu San review here

A Okonomiyaki is a traditional Japanese savoury pancake, that is made with flour, filled with your choice of ingredients, and wrapped with egg. Their Okonomiyaki With Squid, Shrimp, Scallops was grilled nicely, and the sauce art was beautifully done. The seafood was fresh, and well portioned throughout.

The Chicken Steak Garlic Rice had a nice savoury and salty taste to the rice, which looked like it had absorbed the sauce and stock it was cooked in. Fragrant and flavourful. But I thought they could have given more pieces of chicken.

Ambience at Botejyu San is rather dull and understated, though they do offer a good view of the surrounding parks. Lights are dim, and furniture is rather cramped and dated. Botejyu San is also tucked away in a corner of the mall, and not easily spotted when passing by.

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Hearty meal served with a yummy dessert

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 3

I ordered cheesy hamburger curry rice (i think thats the name) with a meal - soup plus potato salad and a dessert.

The hamburger patty was not the indelible juicy kind. But its pretty satisfying and the combination of slightly cheese, the taste of the patty, curry and tomato rice was excellent. As a fan of potato salad, I liked the potato salad too though the salad might have those perfume-like vegetables. But i had only one slice of that in my salad so it might be there by mistake. The soup was hearty too. Overall, yum. And I will return for the same dishes.

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Mean waiters & really yucky food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

My friends were feeling "adventurous" and wanted to try this place. My expectations weren't high as it was relatively empty during lunch on a Saturday. One can usually tell the quality of the food served at a Japanese restaurant from the quality of the tea they serve. This tea was not good.

We had to wait 45 minutes for our food to arrive when there were only 4-5 other diners. The Filipino servers here were rather mean-looking and tend to slam the food on your tables as they bring it to you.

Took my first bite of the Moonlight Okonomiyaki without any sauce to savour what it's like, and it reminded me of a soggy sour milk pancake with rancid ccabbage in it. Thought it might have been a fluke and proceeded to try the Mochi Oko we'd ordered, but the results were similarly bad. I guess that explains why they're so generous with the worcestershire-mayo sauce dressing.

My friend was also quite disappointed with her Yakisoba, which was really greasy and way overdone, topped with rubbery slices of chicken that tasted "weird". The Prawn Mayo might as well have been named Tiny Prawns in thick overfried Batter, yet somehow was not crispy at all. What a total ripoff this place is.

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Burnt & Disgusting! Terrible service with a snarl

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 3

Folks, do yourselves a favour and stay away from this Ajisen scam shop at Tokyo Walker that sells overpriced, inedible "Osaka food". The Teppankaki Scallops and Tofu Hamburger rice were overcooked mediocre fare, far below typical food court standards. The worst had yet to come..

We'd ordered a Mochi-Cheese and a Seafood Okos (their name for Okonomiyaki) which arrived drowned in mayo and sauce, this was so we wouldn't realize until it was too much late that it had been burnt charcoal-black on both sides.

We showed the burnt Okos to a horribly rude waiter who had a perpetual snarl on his face, instead of apologizing, he added insult to injury by lying that the Okos was a new menu item, hence the different presentation. What was most disgusting was how this waiter acted like he was doing us a favour by serving us food that clearly should be thrown away.

We then asked to speak with their manager, a native Japanese lady who had ealier taken our orders and we'd hoped could redeem the situation and give some semblance of service. It took us several attempts, as they did more bait-and-switch: everyone from the kitchen help to the front greeter were brought to us in place of their manager.

When we finally managed to bring the matter to the manager's attention, she offered to make things right for us, then returned 15 minutes later to show us that she'd given us a whopping $1.29 discount! (An egg costs $1 here, so you might say we all got egg on our faces that afternoon.) They say constructive feedback is a gift, so why go to all that trouble to insult us further when we were looking for simple acknowledgement that such burnt food should never be served to paying customers.

Glad to say we're never going to eat at this establishment again.

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