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French Sans Taste

Food/Drink 2 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 2
Total Reviews: 13

Visited Brasserie Gavroche on Friday 16 May, table of four. First impressions were good - nice ambience and very 'Brasserie' like in style. Staff smiled when we walked in and escorted us to our table immediately. 

Unfortunately that was the best part of the evening. After we were seated there was almost no service unless we waved someone down. Nobody was clearly 'in charge' of our table or section, so we simply tried to get anyone we could to assist us. Water was not forthcoming, and we were not asked if we wanted any apéritif (three of us would have ordered a glass of Champagne) but by the time we received service it was long past apéritif time.

Escargot was the first plate to roll out (amazingly quickly, like 4 minutes between ordering and when it arrived...). Absolutely no taste, flavoring, butter/oil. Nothing. I haven't had escargot like this ever - I don't know what they did to it to make it so dry and unappetizing. The snails were covered with a chunk of 'green' powder with no visible oil or butter. Usually you can use a bread to soak in the remaining oil/butter but there was none on the plate. Three of us ordered the escargot and all had the same impression. 

Steak Frites were saved only by the frites - they were very good, but the steak lacked any discernable flavor and the bernaise sauce really wasn't a sauce at all - you coudn't pour it on to the steak. It had the consistency of sour cream and was bland, bland, bland. Between the steak and the bernaise sauce I couldn't squeeze out an ounce of flavor - a total disappointment. Honestly with a good piece of steak it's hard to go wrong, but Gavroche's team managed to do so.

Our other diners had the Duck Confit, decribed as 'shredded beef under a potato' more like a sheperds pie than a true Duck confit. Just visually it didn't look inspired, more like a Marks & Spencer frozen dinner than a well prepared meal. Another diner had the Rabbit special which was described as 'ok' but certainly wouldn't be ordered again.

A dessert, lemon meringue tart, was uninteresting, and when shared among four people there was over half left when we departed - not a good result. 

Overall decision of the table was we wouldn't return. The quality of the food wasn't up to even the mosts basic French brasserie standards. Frozen prepared escargot is available in the supermarkets in Singapore that is much better than what we got at Gavroche, and certainly I could have cooked a better steak with bernaise at home. In combination with distant, disinterested service (our wine glasses were never topped up during the evening by any wait staff) we got the impression that Brasserie Gavroche must be attempting to hit the crowded segment of the Singapore restaurant market where quality and service are an afterthought.

L'Angelus, here we come again. I don't know why we stray from our tried and tested favorite Brasserie in Singapore, after this experience we probably won't do so again.

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very good casual French restaurant

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 19

One of my favorite casual French restaurant in Singapore. I come from Europe and it is definitely the quality you would expect in France. However, why did I rank it 4 stars instead of 5: - great choice of wine but overpriced, only few bottles below SGD80! - all dishes I tried were excellent except the fois gras that I would rank as average, lack of marinated flavor such as Porto or Cognac Will I go back: definitely. But I will drink sparkling water, let's do the wine happy hour at home before going there, you will save SGD50.

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BIG MISTAKE. Arrogant management

Food/Drink 3 | Value 2 | Ambience 2 | Service 1
Total Review: 1

We have just had a birthday dinner at Brasserie Gavroche. Although i enjoyed the steak tartare, my experience was ruined by the stubborn inflexibility of the staff( manager!). I certainly would not recommend this place to anyone. The experience at this place has certainly marred my decision on whether or not to be a returning customer, which I and my friends are certainly not going to be. we had a small homemade birthday cake and wanted to eat it there. It was more of a token to end a birthday celebration as opposed to just a regular dinner gathering of friends. We were informed that there was a cover charge. Our dinner of 5 amounted to S$460 for a bottle of wine, appetisers and mains. The management refused to waive the cover charge of S$28 for the cake even though I had wanted to order one plate of dessert at S$14 anyway. They even told us that if we ordered 3 plates of desserts $14 each they would be willling to waive the charge. It is not that we are not willing to but on this occassion, I was the only one who wanted the dessert anyway. Also why 3 plates($42) when the cover charge is S$28? I do not know how they do their maths but we would have certainly spent more than S$28 if we were allowed to order one plate of dessert plus coffee and tea for all of us! Certainly they have lost more future business from all of us who are gastronomers.. let alone the visiting friends and guest we would have brought there had they had the foresight to see a group of friends simply wanting to make a token gesture to a friend on her birthday.

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Great gastro

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 6

Well done to Frederic and his team for achieving such a great level of food and service since they opened. Food is excellent, service is polished, this restaurant is only good for those in search of authentic French food, not for hipsters.

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Brasserie Gavroche - excellent!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Found this resturant recommendation on one of the food blog and wanted to give it a try. After much researching especially from the reviews given on this webby, I was slightly apprenhensive with the 50% score. Right after stepping into the resturant, I have to say all doubts were immediately blown away. The service from the start to end was top-notch, and honestly one of the  best service I have yet received in Singapore. The service staff were attentive yet not intrusive, was prompt yet not forceful. I honestly do not understand all the negative response that was given previously. The whole atmosphere was in line with what I expected of dining in a French restaurant - laidback coupled with its exquisite dishes. The main course we ordered (pardon me I have limited knowledge in frech cuisine) Welsh Lamb Rump was done to perfection and while the Hand-cut Beef Tartare was slightly salty, this could be down to personal preference. I would definitely recommend Brasserie Gavroche if you're looking for a exclusive, romantic & classy restaurant to bring your date to !

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