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Helmed by former Cellar Door and Prime Society chef Justin Wong, Bronte is a simply decorated bistro that serves up modern Australian cuisine. Wong’s philosophy is the use of fresh produce, whilst keeping his dishes simple and letting the ingredients speak for themselves.

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20121115 Bronte, Singapore

Total Reviews: 22

Nestled amidst the houses of Bukit Timah is a row of bistros and gourmet delis.  Bronte, an Australian bistro, is one of these shops.

The atmosphere is casual and quiet; the service is friendly, laidback but attentive.

If you possess your own car, this little enclave of restaurants and delis is a great place to enjoy a quiet lunch and coffee away from the crowd and squeeze of the city.

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hearty food

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 4
Total Reviews: 283

Dined here on a Saturday night and the place was busy. Service staff was friendly. The prices here are on the higher side. Ordered the risotto of the day and was informed that it's the mushroom risotto with truffle. Wasn't listening that well, so can't verify whether there's truffle or just truffle oil. Had the braised beef cheeks also.While waiting, we were served warm bread and were asked whether we'd like any olive oil and balsamic vinegar to go along with it. Then, they brought us iced water even before we requested for one. Liked the pro-active service.The wait for the mains was just a short one. Risotto came first and it was fragrant. Looked like a pretty simple dish with minimal ingredients. The rice was nicely cooked and was served piping hot. The braised beef cheeks looked good and tasted even better. A good sized chunk and nicely tender. The sauce was a tad salty though, and there was some bitterness in the spinach but overall, tasty.For more pics, you may wish to click here.

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Brunch review

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 82

Full post:

It's time for brunch! In fact, there is never a time where you can't have an all-day breakfast. This time round I went to check out Bronte that is nested in the Bukit Timah enclave near Sixth Avenue. The place has been on my radar since foodie and entrepreneur @Yongfook instagrammed about it a week ago.

Apparently Bronte was created after the demise of Uluru on Duxton Hill, an Australian steak restaurant which was very good, as I used to go there occasionally for their set lunches. However, at Bronte we only focus on their brunch food for now. They have the steaks too, which warrants a dinner visit another time.

The ambiance was quite pleasant, the inside was very shady and not glaringly sunny like the outside.

So they serve brunch from 9.30am-2.30pm on weekends only. Be sure not to go in late for their eggs and assorted brunch items then!

Ordered a latte, $4.50. Not sure if it was australian coffee. It was once again, just a latte. Argh, I wish I could do a better job reviewing coffee but my tastebuds just can't pick up anything related to drinks (coffee, wine..). So you have to try it for yourself.

My friend had a long black ($4). It was according to him, the most bitter coffee he has ever tasted. He left about half of it there. You have been warned.

Next up the food! Yay, I had the English pork sausage with scrambled eggs, potato hash, roasted tomatoes and rye toast ($17). It was a very classic and simple combination of good old favorites.

What I liked was the potatoes that was done just right, mixed with the fragrance of the bacon, and the more exotic rye toast they had. The tomatoes were a tad puny. The eggs was fine as well, slightly drier (like about 10%) than what I like. The sausages were saltish and flavorful but not exactly bursting with goodness. I was suitably full after this dish.

My friend ordered the smoked salmon scrambled eggs with garlic portobello, sauteed spinach, home-baked beans and rye toast ($17). It was really wholesome as well. Great for people who likes their veggies, though if its the shrooms I'll prefer to go to Artichoke for their organic shrooms!

If you are around the Bukit Timah area, do think of Bronte for a lazy weekend brunch if you like what you see on their menu because their brunch is decent.

Otherwise there are also other great brunch places around, notably Choupinette and from what I heard, Baker & Cook which I have yet to check out.

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Don't go during lunch time

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 7

Okay, read some nice reviews about the beef cheek. So decided to give it a try.

We went during lunch time and there's a crowd there, quite noisy,

During lunch, there's only the brunch menu. No beef cheek, duck, whatever. we should have walk out of the restaurant at that point but we stayed, big mistake!

Ordered Bronte Brekkie Plate & Steak Sandwich. The poach eggs are nice but I suggest you eat it first, if you wait till the end, it will be tasteless after you tried the sausage. The beef sausage is way too salty and oily for my taste. The steak sandwich is overhyped and can't even beat those burgers you found in Carl Jr.

Overall, it's a disappointing lunch. I have nothing to recommended.

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