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Buyan Russian Restaurant & Caviar Bar

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Situated at a three-storey shophouse at the vicinity of Duxton Hill, Buyan offers a trio of Russian dining experience with three different concepts . These include a bar serving Russian alcohol, a fine dining salon and a casual eatery.

Tue - Fri: 12:00 - 15:00

Mon - Sat: 18:00 - 22:30

Closed: Sun

$53 based on 44 submissions
Dinner (12 votes), After Work (10 votes), Quiet (9 votes)

Love it!

Great place to hangout : good food & ambiance. Decent price point.

Make sure you try the khachapuri and the chashilik platter :)
 The wine selection is great (they even have French grand cru classes by the glass from time to time!)

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  • Honey cake4 votes
  • Garlic Oven Roasted Chicken3 votes
  • Khachapuri3 votes
  • Herring under fur coat2 votes
  • Mango and Chilli Volka2 votes
  • Buckwheat Rice1 vote
  • Chicken Kiev1 vote
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Community submitted Favourites:
Based on 44 votes
12 Jan 2015 • 2 reviews • 0 follower

Love it!

Great place to hangout : good food & ambiance. Decent price point.

Make sure you try the khachapuri and the chashilik platter :)
 The wine selection is great (they even have French grand cru classes by the glass from time to time!)
23 Aug 2014 • 23 reviews • 0 follower

Pretty average food and service

Had been wanting to try this place for a long time and wandered in with some friends after Sabio was packed. We sat in the dining section, not in the main bar area. This turned out to be good because there is a live band in the bar section and, while the music isn't bad, it is rather loud for dinner and there is nothing to absorb the sound. When it comes to ordering, they give you iPads for menus, but unlike the slick presentations one usually sees when someone tries to do this, they were just iPad 1s with PDFs of the menus in iBooks and the other applications removed. It would have been a lot easier just to look at a traditional menu. They have a nice, albeit very pricey, selection of vodkas, and an interesting wine list. We opted for a bottle of Georgian wine that was both inexpensive and tasty. They also have a nice cocktail selection. In terms of the food, they have many traditional Russian and Central Asian favorites, including a large selection of caviar items, as well as a few non-Russian dishes that just cause you wonder what they're doing on the menu. We ordered borshch, shchi, pelmeni dumplings (more on this later), Georgian cheese bread, shashlik (meat grilled on skewers), and eggplant. The cheese bread was okay, though there was a hair on the plate under the bread. They offered to give us a new one, but we simply changed the plate and ate the rest anyway. The soups (borshch and shchi) were okay. I liked the fact that the borshch wasn't too sweet and that the sour cream was given on the side and so could be added to taste. Next came the shashlik, which had lamb, chicken, and salmon. I wouldn't consider the latter two to be traditional. However, of the three, the chicken was the best. I think salmon is easy to overcook and thus an odd choice for grilling together with lamb and chicken, and the lamb itself was a bit tough and smelly. Next came the egplant, which was tasty and, being stuffed with other vegetables, reminiscent of a ratatouille. At that point, we'd realized that they forgot our pelmeni, so I asked the waitress to check. About ten minutes later they came out, no apology or anything for having overlooked the dish. They were presented in a small bowl like the ones that the soup comes in with a side dish of sour cream. The pelmeni were small and filled less than half the bowl, so this presentation was a bit awkward as it comes out looking like an empty bowl with a side of sour cream on a tray. The dumplings themselves were okay but not super. The meat filling lacked flavor. All in all, I wouldn't say it was a bad meal, but it was hardly a great one and I'd be a bit reluctant to go back rather than try someplace else.
16 Feb 2014 • 12 reviews • 0 follower

Finally, a Good Borscht!

Click on this link for a better scoop!

I wandered in only because I had been along that street for SABIO, a Spanish tapas bar. I spotted Buyan and thought, "Mmm, how exotic, a Russian resto. Perhaps it's time to see if Singapore has good Borscht soup after all." And here at Buyan I did.

Apart from being on the pricey side, the place does well in terms of ambience and tastes. The menu pickings are interesting and different. Ask too for the bar menu as there are some nice dishes on that that you may not spot in the ala carte menu.

I love the fact that Buyan is actually run by real Russian folks, and in fact, we were served attentively by a lady Russian lady with a Singlish slang, and that added to the fun!

I will be back for more , especially if it's for a romantic date :)
04 Oct 2013 • 5 reviews • 0 follower

One of the best combinations of food and setting in Singapore

Though slightly on the pricey side, there's nothing not to like about this restaurant. From the moment you enter you'll notice that this restaurant is a cut above most in Singapore. They've gone to great expense to ensure a rich and lively setting. From the quality furniture to the soothing music to extenisve cllection of Russian drinks and spirits (not surprisingly we particularly enjoyed their vodka) it's hard to find something not to like about this place.

The service rates amongst the best in Singapore. Staff were attentive, polite, and knew when not to bother us. 

Really if you want something a bit new and exciting then you can't go wrong here. We've been here half a dozen times and we're planning on going back very soon.
20 Jul 2013 • 195 reviews • 1 follower

Will I return again? For the high quality food & great service, no reason not to be back again!

For a more detailed review and pictures, pls visit

The Place Duxton Hill is one of my favourite food street in Singapore and I am so glad I discovered a quaint Russian restaurant along this street, all thanks to the Palate card which allows diners up to 50% off their dining bill. Buyan joins the ranks of other participating restaurants under the Palate card such as Violet Oon’s Kitchen and Tung Lok Seafood.Personally, I have absolutely no regrets in making my way to Buyan for dinner, as this is easily one of the best dinners I had in Singapore for the longest time.

The Food The Caviar is one of the famous dishes at Buyan but sadly I did not manage to try it that day. However, the food I ordered can be aptly described in three words – awesome, delicious and amazing.