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My Chef Doeuvre
 • 16 Feb 2014 12 reviews 0 follower
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I wandered in only because I had been along that street for SABIO, a Spanish tapas bar. I spotted Buyan and thought, "Mmm, how exotic, a Russian resto. Perhaps it's time to see if Singapore has good Borscht soup after all." And here at Buyan I did.

Apart from being on the pricey side, the place does well in terms of ambience and tastes. The menu pickings are interesting and different. Ask too for the bar menu as there are some nice dishes on that that you may not spot in the ala carte menu.

I love the fact that Buyan is actually run by real Russian folks, and in fact, we were served attentively by a lady Russian lady with a Singlish slang, and that added to the fun!

I will be back for more , especially if it's for a romantic date :)

I spent $75 per person.

Must tries: borsht

I also recommend this place for:
Ala Carte, Anniversary, Birthdays, Dinner, Romance/First Dates

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