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CUT is Chef Wolfgang Puck’s modern take on the American steakhouse. Hailed as one of the top three in the United States, its signature menu features a smart, sophisticated selection of the finest cuts of beef. 

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what a big glass of wine
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big portion of french fries
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Wild Field Mushrooms with Shishito Peppers
Pan-Roasted Maine Lobster, Black Truffle Sabayon
Pan-Roasted Maine Lobster, Black Truffle Sabayon
H e l l o … “ K i t t y ”    Passion Rum, Cranberry, Passion Fruit, Orange, Ginger Juice, Chili .
H e l l o … “ K i t t y ” Passion Rum, Cranberry, Passion Fruit, Orange, Ginger Juice, Chili .
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  • Spinach. 4 votes
  • wild sautéed mushrooms 4 votes
  • Sirloin and fingerling potatoes. 2 votes
  • maine lobster with black truffle sabayon 2 votes
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Latest Review for Cut

Overall RatingBased on 53 reviews
Most helpful review:

Possibly the best steakhouse in Singapore

Food/Drink 5 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 167

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Quick glances through the menu resulted in two particular items calling out to not only me but also N, where we came to the conclusion that since we couldn’t decide which one to order, why not have the best of both worlds! If there’s something that can rival the modern take on cooking steaks using the elusive Josper Grill, CUT does it the traditional way by grilling their meats over apple wood and charcoal, then finishing it off in a 1200 degree broiler. While the differences are slightly discerning with the final end product, the satisfaction and enjoyment you get from each mouthful from these 2 cooking methods are no doubt still mindblowing You dont come across aged beef very often here, probably due to the fact that AVA is still really strict on imported US beef, where majority of local restaurants still primarily use their Australian counterparts which at the same time is a viable alternative and slightly cheaper option. The beauty of aged beef results in a more tender, melt in your mouth slab of steak with a rich and wholesome beefy flavor, a result of the muscle and collagen in the meat begins to change due to the work of certain enzymes which reaches an optimal after 11 days. CUT’s aged USDA prime rib-eye was possibly one of the best steaks I’ve eaten in my life, paired with the classic tangy Bearnaise. Over the past year, I’ve grown to appreciate the finer cuts of Pork, while the craze on wagyu has very much subsided, where if given a choice between pork or beef on the menu, I would opt for the former anyday.

More flamboyant cuts of pork such as the wider known Kurobuta, or Mangalica are renowned for their intense marbling, and when cooked ala plancha , it gives the same satisfaction as having any steak cooked to perfection. The Double thick iberico pork chop was executed superbly where the it retained a pink facade in the center, retaining all its natural juices and moisture. The melt in your mouth effect somewhat left me in dreamland with all the extensive intramuscular fat seamless melt like butter, along with a wonderful charred flavor. The apple compote added a contrasting sweetness to the savoriness of the pork, balancing the overall flavor profile rather well. We opted for also the creamed spinach with fried organic egg ($22++) and theMac & cheese ($18++) for sharing, which I personally felt were on the pricey side. Seeing how superbly CUT took comfort food to a whole new level as the sides were pretty darn amazing, we didn’t really have any complains after all. Another of my dining partner, wanted a steak for himself which prompted the order of the Dry aged Ranger Valley Australian Angus New York Strip 340g ($85++) which was rather impressive as well, tho it the beefiness of it was rather subtle compared to the American counterpart, offering a rather mild sweetness to the meat as an effervescence instead.

Excellent service, excellent food, its no question why Singapore’s most extravagant steakhouse is packed to the brim even on a normal weekday. Move aside Morton’s! CUT has firmly cemented it’s status as the island’s finest steakhouse every since it opened its doors in 2011 at least in my opinion hahaha, offering a similar experience to any of finest steakhouses New York or Chicago has to offer! Now the problem lies where I can’t decide for now whether CUT or BLT is my firm favorite.

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CUT: Premium steak at premium price

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 4
Total Reviews: 16



Ever since the opening of 2 casinos in the island, numerous foreign celebrity chefs flocked into Singapore. However, apparently Singapore is not an easy market to handle especially if we observe what has happened at MBS. One by one, those restaurants carrying famous chef names including 3-star French of Guy Savoy decided to ‘close shops’. CUT, the high-end steakhouse of Wolfgang Puck, on the other hand has been very successful. I came here for the first time with my parents when it just opened within one year and was quite impressed. The astronomical price has hindered me to make a return; moreover I’m not a hardcore fan of steak. What lured me to return here then? First, the introduction of Japan’s ‘snow’ beef in sometimes in ‘15 tempted me; then earlier this year I noticed there was a 10% disc of dining at CUT with Citibank card. Therefore, I decided to re-visit CUT this Feb with my spouse.


We began with cheese gougeres – tasty and fluffy. The bread was quite good too such as the focaccia. For the appetizer, I shared the famous bone marrow flan. The custard made the marrow more flavorful though I preferred the plain one. It was balanced by the mushroom marmalade and toasted brioche. For the main shows, we had:

Me: Hokkaido snow beef; the sirloin part and cooked medium rare – beautifully broiled with some burnt char on the surface. It was marbled, juicy and could still be pleasantly chewed. Moreover, it tasted more on the (slightly) salty side but not overly rich. The small portion was nice and I comfortably ate around 100 grams of it

Wife: She likes ‘beefier’ steak and not too oily. Hence, the filet mignon cooked medium of Idaho’s American wagyu suited her taste. I tried ¼ of her portion. It was also tasty, a little buttery with good texture though nowhere as rich & delicious as any Japanese wagyu


We also ordered 2 side dishes: creamed spinach with fried egg (not too heavy) and the smooth potato puree. Both were suitable accompaniment for our steak. Lastly, we shared kaya ‘baked alaska’ for the dessert. The chef adapted this classic dessert with local flavor. It was nice for a few bytes, but in the long run it’s quite 1-dimensional; everything (pandan ice cream, coconut sorbet, egg sabayon etc.) was sweet, just in different degrees.


As a fine dining steakhouse, the interior of CUT was chic and modern, dominated by dark color furniture. The light was dim, supposedly creating romantic ambiance, but this made producing good pictures became challenging.  The service was as expected at fine dining level – professional and friendly. Staffs promptly refilled our water and they’re not too difficult whenever you need them. Anyway, it was a good meal at premium price. I think CUT can get 1 michelin star in the upcoming Singapore edition.


Pictures: https:[email protected]/albums/72157663364563054/with/25547003762/


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6:30 Deal is amazing!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

Usually only big day will have this level of steak, but their early dinner deal totally serves one of the best dinning choices. Steak is well cooked. The bread variety and whisky selection are the bonus. Good for a try

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