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Review for Canopy Garden Dining & Bar


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11 Jan 2014 • 13 Reviews • 22 Followers

Nice place for dogs but nothing more

It's great because my dogs can sit next to me in a cafe! Sadly, there is nothing else great about this place. service is horrible horrible horrible! They are part of the promotion for The Entertainer, 1 for 1 main course. However, they say I needed to book in advance and when I went there, I am not allowed to order brunch food. If eggs benedict isn't a main course during breakfast, den what? I didn't argue but I felt that if a restaurant is not willing to give a promotion, just don't be part of the promotion. Having said that, bring a mosquito patch with you to eat there. Or, check out Corner stone or Grubs instead.
Recommended for
Alfresco/Outdoor Dining
Average Spend
$80 for 3 pax
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