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#01-02, Parc Sovereign Hotel, 175 Albert Street, 189970
Asian, Cantonese, Chinese
+65 63363611
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Creative, yummy yet down to earth food

Food/Drink 4 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 77

As I had always believed, the talents and skills of a head chef are evident not from the taste of the food alone, but also based on the creativity level without compromising the typical traits of that particular cuisine (I'm simply not into fusion). Too many Chinese restaurants are one trick ponies; depending on a certain outstanding (hardly interesting) dish to attract patrons, with no change in the dishes or line-up; thus many that are hailed as good may not be the case according to my expectations and taste buds. Canton Recipes House, a humble looking, non-assuming, little restaurant managed to impress me with its array of great tasting food that is presented in a different light from those run-of-mill dishes.

The Eggplant slices with pork floss is surprisingly good; fresh, slightly crispy slices (I always hate this vegetable due to its squishy texture, thus I like how it was cooked in this restaurant to minimize that) are paired very well with the salty pork floss. The Dongbo pork is fully imbued with the rich, black sauce while still retaining the natural sweetness of the meat.

The ambience is quite okay; at least the tables are adequately spaced between each other. The service is pretty decent; better than that of a lot of Chinese restaurants. An extra nice touch is that complimentary carpark in Parc Sovereign Hotel is available; some high end restaurants do not even have that.

Plus the fact that the food here are competitively priced, this is sure one of my favourite restaurants to go for gatherings (the portions are too big for couples only).

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Pop-by by Chance

Total Reviews: 316

It was newly opening on last year, when we pop-by.  They directed us to the behind table, as there was a private event on-going.  There was a guy who introduced us of their dishes enthusiastic.  Truth enough, the dishes turned out to be delectable.  I never heard about this place, it was quite an adventure for us to try it out something new without any idea what is it. And their dishes names and cooking style, we have never try it before at other places.

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Trail of a good chef

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 3 | Service 5
Total Reviews: 2

I first tasted the good food from Chef Kang when he started out at a humble coffee-shop at Havelock Road. My family trailed him when he moved to Serangoon and then to Joo Chiat and now at a not so convenient location near Albert Court.

My group of "foodie" friends ate here a month ago. And decided to return a month later for Chef Kang's 私房菜. He planned a really good menu for us.

First, chicken stuffed in pig's stomach soup. We drank every drop of the soup. (The 2 Cantonese in the group were smart.... we finished first.... to fight for the 2nd bowl). And we finished every bit of the organ and chicken.

The fish slices in spinach stock...Even the friend who does not like fish ate all of her portion.....Need I say more.

We had other very good dishes...... but I would like to keep it "private".

And we will definitely return.....We have a date for bird's nest soon.

Not to be missed..... Good food... Surpass the standards of many other expensive, over-rated chinese restaurants. Forget about the Peach XX and Tung Lxx.

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