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Gong Cha (Sembawang Sun Plaza)

Fruits & DrinksTaiwanese
Tracing the origins of Gong Cha dates back to ancient China, when teas of the highest quality were offered as tribute to the Emperor. With the same philosophy in mind, Gong-Cha aims to provide the best quality tea and beverages to its customers.

Daily: 11:00 - 22:00

+65 66344075
$9 based on 10 submissions
Dinner (4 votes), Lunch (4 votes), After Work (3 votes)
Chiu Yen Phua

GONG CHA’s matcha milk tea

GONG CHA’s matcha milk tea -

It's too milky for me I couldn't taste much of the matcha. Aww, but still quite alright overall. But it's $3++ so I thought it's quite expensive to me.

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25 Aug 2013 • 240 reviews • 1 follower

GONG CHA’s matcha milk tea

GONG CHA’s matcha milk tea -

It's too milky for me I couldn't taste much of the matcha. Aww, but still quite alright overall. But it's $3++ so I thought it's quite expensive to me.
30 Sep 2012 • 15 reviews • 34 followers

Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger ran out of sourdough bread!

My bf and I went down to Carl's Jr for dinner specifically to try the Grilled Cheese Bacon Burger after seeing the ad at the busstop. Unfortunately, they ran out of bread! Sigh. I was a little taken aback as well that the seat we chose had a clean table, but an utterly dirty seating - crumbs all over it!

Anyway, we had to make do with the Portobello Mushroom Thickburger and The Western Bacon ThickBurger. Luckily, both were good - as we expected. They did not look as appealing as advertised, but the taste made up for it. We also had chili cheese fries, which was delightfully delicious and had good portions of the chili cheese - unlike KFC's "Cheese Fries" with miserable portions of the cheese. Don't be mistaken though, chili cheese fries are not exactly cheese fries drenched in chili sauce! Haha. It actually taste somewhat like curry with good portions of minced meat too. The aftertaste is equally yummy!

I'm glad we still stuck to Carl's Jr though I really hope they would not run out of stock of the sourdough bread the next time I visit!

08 May 2012 • 7 reviews • 0 follower

It's gonna get messy

Carl's Jr is famous for their larger than usual burgers. It's cost a bit more but it's quite worth it in my opinion.

If you had eaten in any Carl's Jr restaurant before, you will know that it's gonna get messy. The wrapper they used to wrap the burger simply melt away after a few minutes and you will always end up in a mess. Luckily, they place a big box of serviette on every table. It won't take long to realize that it's done on purpose!

Singaporean is always looking for a bargain and here's one: free refill for your drink. So it's don't really make sense to up-size to a large cup. If you are a student, simply buy a cup of drink and stay there the entire day. If you brought along children, you can ask for smaller cups.

Their freshly cut fries still have their skins attached. It taste better some how. Go figure.

There's one particular distinguishing factor that I have yet to observe in another fast food restaurant: low-carb burgers. You can order any burger and ask them to convert it to a low-carb version. They will promptly remove the bread and replaced them with large pieces of lettuces.

06 May 2012 • 10 reviews • 0 follower

Yes its going to get messy...

My first visit at Nexx Mall, did the run down of the menu and i thought a meal costs upto $12+ for the better ones! Burgers... So i decided to try it out and see what the fuss is about as i did see the patrons apparently enjoying their meal and the Burgers seemed to be blown out of proportion.

Yes when the burger i ordered did come it was definitely out of size and the price you pay for it definitely does justice no questions asked! The buns were large in diameter and thankfully thin, the focus was whats inside with a generous thick patty and healthy fillings within. You have the option to fill in your own drink and its free flow. There are Jalapeno peppers and Salsa for your own dressing for the meal.

The burger was excellent on every occassion i have been again and again to this joint, juicy and substantial enough to keep your tummy satisified. I hate the burgers where the bun are so thick and the patty is more of a dressing. This place is for meat lovers no doubt and the easy going atmosphere with different age groups makes the ambience great.

Probably a bit more cleanliness would help push up the value of the place, notably the floors need to be mopped more regularly, especially around the drinks station.

portobello mushroom burger w/ lotsa sides
31 Mar 2011 • 225 reviews • 31 followers

carlapeño señor

i've revisited CJ once too often ever since their opening, for obvious reasons. i'm a meaterian, and nobody in town makes burgers quite like them. by far, i find myself chugging on portobello mushroom burgers more often than any other burgers on the menu.

what i like about CJ, is when the beverage is free-flow, while the salsa dips & toppings are also free flow on the side. the fries are also one of a kind, with skin & all... goes down best with mayonaisse and/or BBQ sauce.