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#01-105/111, The CentrePoint, 176 Orchard Road, 238843
Asian, Cantonese, Chinese, Hong Kong
+65 67333353

Daily: 10:00 - 22:00

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Another Hong Kong-style chain, this cafe has the usual range of Hong Kong rice and noodle dishes, desserts including French toast concoctions, and coffee and tea drinks.

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Good HK Food!

Food/Drink 5| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 9

This place serves good HK food though a bit pricey. No set menus and only ala carte. 

Ordered cheese baked spaghetti with port sauce with chicken and was great though there was only one slice of chicken. The ice lemon tea has three slices or lemon and was okay. The cream soup was good. Definately must try.

If you dont want to queue up, you can reserve a table by calling them up. Staff cant reall speak English properly though but able to serve you the correct food. 

Nice place with good food. Has no ambience like most resturants and not to spacious and not to cramp. Just nice to sit around and chat. 

Definately will come back again.

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Causeway Bay Hong Kong Café opens

Food/Drink 3| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 33

Must Tries - Cheese “gong zai” noodles with egg and char siew, Mega Birthday Burger

We love cha chaan teng (Hong Kong cafes) for several reasons. They offer comfortable seating for large groups, affordable options on the menu, and most importantly, a very wide range of dishes.

Imagine our delight when we saw the new Hong Kong café at Level 1 of Centrepoint. Causeway Bay Hong Kong Café occupies 5 shop units in the mall, making it a great place for families and large groups to dine in.

Needless to say, the menu is extensive, with over 20 categories and 300 dishes to choose from – ranging from Hong Kong style dry noodles, ‘Ta Bin Lou’ hot pot, curry spaghetti to cheese baked rice, pasta and noodle soup.

For starters, we had a “dai pai dang” curry fish ball ($6.90) as they reminded us of the ones we had in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Unfortunately, this version did not satisfy our cravings.  While the presentation was lovely, the fishballs tasted factory-made and the curry tasted more like the ones served with your ‘Indian prata’ than Hong Kong street food.

All for an ‘adventure’, we dared ourselves to try the combination of cheese “gong zai” noodles with egg and char siew ($10.30). The cheese with instant noodles went surprisingly well together, giving the dish a nice salty creamy taste. Sweet and tender, the glazed char siew tasted as delicious as it looked.

The signature cheese baked rice with chicken chop ($9.90), with a choice of corn, Italian, Portuguese or mushroom sauces, tasted rather ordinary.

If you’re celebrating a friend’s birthday at Causeway Bay café, check out the café’s Mega “Birthday Burger” ($49.90), which is about the size of a child’s head.  The good news is the birthday person gets it for free! (Just spend above $60 with a group of 6 friends).

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Considering a good option if you want HK food!

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Review: 1

Was there on Saturday with a friend. We stumbled upon this while shopping in Centrepoint. As both of us are always going HK, this becomes a clear choice for us to have lunch. Both of us ordered the Yingyang Rice (Pork Chop S$10.90 for my friend & mine is fish S$11.90). It comes with 2 sauces (that's why it's called Yingyang) Tomato & Portuguese sauce. Both of us preferences the Tomato sauce.

We also love the salted sour plum juice (?????) S$5.30 which the portion was good.

The waiters was really helpful, cos we asked for helped and she was friendly enough to help, and some dishes she have not tried before, she was honest to let us know.

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Improper handling of customers' feedback

Food/Drink 2| Value 2| Ambience 3| Service 1
Total Review: 1

I was there with a girlfriend and both of us ordered their noodles with cheese. I ordered one with pork chop while she had beef. She told me the beef tasted weird on her first bite but took a few more mouth of it, downing it with her cheese noodles as she didn't think much of it. After about the 5th, I could see tears forming in her eyes as it taste so bad.

Initially I wasn't sure if we shld feedback to the restaurant but after seeing her pained look, I decide to call out one of the waitress and told them about it. She reacted very quickly by taking the plate away and said that she will cancel it away. We said it's okay (as we do not want to make it look as if we want free food) that you don't waive it, we just want to feedback to them. We thought, that was nice of her to waive it off since it's obvious that my friend didn't eat much. She took our bill and later came back to tell us that she's giving us a 10% off instead.

The problem is, I've got their membership card (given it to me for free during my first visit and this is my second), so.. I'm going to enjoy a 10% off anyway. So I told her about it and she said "I've given u a 10% so there's no need for the membership card". So, there's so diff! and so why did she took our plate away so quickly? If there weren't any diff in the bill, my friend could at least finish the noodles. The waitress have no rights to take our plate away, telling us that she will waive it off when there isn't.

Very bad service I must say. We pay without confronting them as they look really insincere and must have thought we are really out to eat for free. I wish the management can train their staff properly, especially not lying to the customers.

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