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Review for Cedele (The Rail Mall)


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04 Aug 2013 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Good food but marred by poor counter service

Tasty, wholesome food.However turned off by the counter staff-always seem to be the same lady serving the counter every time we go there for family meals.No smile,no thank yous ...rather blunt way of speaking with a flat facial expression.worse still,got our orders wrong as well and used gesturing (instead of talking politely) to tell us to bring our trays away to clear the counter.The food is good but given its prices I would expect better service befitting a place calling itself a restaurant.I would say,Macdonalds staff definitely fares better in terms of service.It will not hurt to put on a smile ,lady.The customers do not owe you your living.The dining experience gets affected if you care about things like service.
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