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Good charcoal bbq and env

Food/Drink 3 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Review: 1

good food, nice homely environment, good service, easy to find, good location, worth the money, clean table and chairs, nice company, not too long waiting time, signboard outside is not too big so don't miss it. 

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Total waste of time

Total Review: 1

Firstly, I saw the offer advertised on Facebook and the offer stated that reservations have to be made in advance. Tried calling several times but they just wouldn't pick up our calls. (My friends took turns to call, and even called on several days.) Stumbled upon a review online that a couple managed to get seats without prior reservation made. Thus, my friends and I agreed to try our luck since they refused to pick up our calls.

Yesterday, 13 April 2014, my friends and I went to the restaurant at approximately 5.30pm. We made the effort to go there early as dinner crowd usually starts after 6pm. The restaurant was 2/3 empty but one of the staff (female) said that reservations were full for the day and asked us if we wish to make reservation for  next Sunday instead. However, the offer ends on 16 April 2014, which thus  defeats the whole purpose of us dining there. She also told us that reservations have to be made a few days in advance. We did try calling them but they just wouldn't pick up any of our calls. Is it our fault that we didn't manage to make a reservation? Utterly disappointed with their service and it made me feel like the offer was just a scam. Total waste of my time and will never visit this place again.

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Cheating restaurant

Food/Drink 1 | Value 1 | Ambience 1 | Service 1
Total Reviews: 2

We feel like being cheated to dine in your restaurant at clementi 321 this afternoon. Signboard outside stated 50% off while the person charge me full price.. We did double confirm with the manager about this promotion going on for ala carte before entering the restaurant. YET HE STILL CHARGE US FULL PRICE. WE CONFRONT THE MANAGER YET HE DENIED AND WALK AWAY.. WHAT KIND OF SERVICE ATTITUDE IS THAT? We would like to seek a responsible response from your management, do contact us at 90255098!

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Missing Thai chef, so don't expect thai food

Food/Drink 1 | Value 2 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 90

Located next to MAD Jack Cafe is this newly opened Charcoal Thai at NEX, they moved here from Kovan last friday, 28th May 2015. You would think that since they upgraded to a more popular location that their business is doing well. Unfortunately, when I visited on Vesak day, I was told by a local staff that more than half their menu wasn't available, due to a supplier choosing not to deliver food supplies on Vesak Day. I was turned off by that and decided to come back and try again another time. 

So after posting on facebook to ask the shop when their full menu would return, they replied me saying their full menu was now available. So 3 days later I went back to NEX to try again. This time a PRC staff, Hon Qin, told me that their thai chef wasn't around and I could only order items that could be cooked by a chinese chef. YAY! More stories and excuses I guess? The main thing I wanted was mango sticky rice and iced milk tea. They said those were available.

1. Mango Sticky Rice $6.90
It tasted good, and the mango was sweet. My favourite dish amongst all of them. 

2. Thai boat noodles $1
Tasteless noodles with the tiniest fish ball. Save your $1 and don't order a bowl of tasteless noodles.

3. Minced meat fried omelette
This tasted more like oyster omelette, the chinese chef did a great job! The omelette was crispy on the outside and fluffy and thick on the interior. There was alot of minced meat too. 

4. Sweet and sour chicken $9.90
The sauce was sweet and so were the numerous pineapples. My father enjoyed this dish, and you could see the type of chicken meat used here. Probably from the same set of meat they use to prepare for the BBQ, but at least the chicken tasted good. 

5. Pad Thai $9.90
Pad thai - Worst pad thai ever. I'll give the chinese chef an A for effortSo initially, we ordered Pad Thai only to be told by the same Singapore staff that the substitute Chinese chef cannot cook it, so we decided to order something else. But 20 minutes later, this pad thai arrived on our table and it was served to us by the PRC staff, named Hon Qin and we asked him, why was it, that we were told we couldn't order it? Hon Qin, quickly repied that it was on the house. 

6. Thai iced milk tea $3.90
So we were told by Hon Qin that now our chendol order which we had placed 20 minutes ago, was no longer available. So we switched to a thai milk tea, but before it arrived, 2 cups of iced coffee arrived at our table and we had assumed it was our iced milk tea. We sipped it before realizing it was coffee. We called Hon Qin and it took awhile before he realized those iced coffees were meant for the table beside us.

All in all, a very strange thai food experience. I would like to thank Hon QIn for trying several times to fulfill our customer experience, despite all the hiccups, he tried to accommodate us and find us a solution. Unlike the Singaporean staff that kept going around and giving excuses to other tables. We overheard 3 different excuses for why the food wasn't available.

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good tom yum soup

Food/Drink 5 | Value 5 | Ambience 5 | Service 5
Total Review: 1

Tom yum clear soup is a must-try here! The taste is really good with enough spiciness and flavour! One of the best tom yum soup I have ever tried. The glass noodles is quite good too! Maybe I'm not a fan of peanuts, so the rice noodles with peanuts is average for me. But overall, the experience here is very good with the ambience and service! The food here is affordable too! I came here twice at the expense of less than S$23 for 2 pax each time. There is also no gst or service charge too which is also something good. I will definitely be back here again to try other stuff on the menu!

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