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Review for Charcoal Thai


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Address: 7 Simon Road
14 Apr 2014 • 1 Review • 0 Follower

Total waste of time

Firstly, I saw the offer advertised on Facebook and the offer stated that reservations have to be made in advance. Tried calling several times but they just wouldn't pick up our calls. (My friends took turns to call, and even called on several days.) Stumbled upon a review online that a couple managed to get seats without prior reservation made. Thus, my friends and I agreed to try our luck since they refused to pick up our calls.

Yesterday, 13 April 2014, my friends and I went to the restaurant at approximately 5.30pm. We made the effort to go there early as dinner crowd usually starts after 6pm. The restaurant was 2/3 empty but one of the staff (female) said that reservations were full for the day and asked us if we wish to make reservation for  next Sunday instead. However, the offer ends on 16 April 2014, which thus  defeats the whole purpose of us dining there. She also told us that reservations have to be made a few days in advance. We did try calling them but they just wouldn't pick up any of our calls. Is it our fault that we didn't manage to make a reservation? Utterly disappointed with their service and it made me feel like the offer was just a scam. Total waste of my time and will never visit this place again.
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