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Chef Tony's Popcorn revolutionized the taste of Popcorn from being the one of the favorite snack Mall goers love to buy into the a phenomenal Popcorn fever trend nowadays. From the original one flavour recipe, it is now upgraded into different flavour to make you choose and satisfy your taste.

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mochachino with almonds
mochachino with almonds

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Popcorn fever hits Singapore!

Food/Drink 4 | Value 3 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 33

Must Tries: White chocolate walnut, mochachino with almonds

Seems like the popcorn fever has caught on here in Singapore! Other than the very popular Garrett Popcorn, you can now also find a new popcorn shop at Marina Square — Chef Tony’s. No longer are popcorns just a cinema snack, they are now regarded as a ‘gourmet snack’ enjoyed at different times of the day.

Chef Tony’s sells only popcorns — all seven flavours of them. Other than the original caramel, the other interesting premium flavours include white chocolate walnut, creamy parmesan, white country cheddar, mochachino with almonds and white chocolate parmesan ($8.00 for a small tub, $13.00 for a big tub).

Originated from the Philippines, Chef Tony's popcorns come in a super sealed plastic tub to maintain crispness for up to 2 weeks when refrigerated. In fact, the tubs were so well sealed, we spent some time trying to open them.

The first flavour we tried was the white chocolate walnut, and were immediately surprised that they did not taste as rich as we would thought. The popcorn was fluffy, light and crispy. The flavour of the white chocolate was not overly strong, and the walnuts added a pleasant crunch. The best thing was that the tub did not contain unpopped seeds that can be quite annoying when you accidentally bite into one.

Equally addictive was the mochachino with almonds flavour. The ‘bad’ news was that we ending up eating more than we wanted to. Chef Tony’s also offers a sugar free version for the health-conscious. But sweet tooths still get their fill, as there is still a slight tinge of sweetness. The popcorns also contain no trans fats, preservatives and artificial flavourings.

We noticed that the kernels were larger than usual, and learnt that special US grown corn kernels were used. These kernels pop many times their original size, giving them a light and fluffy texture. After which, each kernel is seasoned using a three-stage process which help the popcorn remain crisp and fresh.

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Can’t stop popping

Food/Drink 4 | Value 4 | Ambience 3 | Service 3
Total Reviews: 408

I arrived early for our dinner date and decided to pop over to the popcorn store for a snack. The diminutive shop space was literally cramped with nothing but tubs and tubs of popcorn in various flavors. Tub sizes were either small or big, and they were eco-friendly with tamper proof lids.

I bought a small tub ($8) of mochachino (with almonds), which made for an excellent post-dinner dessert. Light, airy and very crunchy, the popcorn wasn’t greasy at all. The best was we didn’t encounter any un-popped kernels, and the sweetness wasn’t cloying. However, the amount of nuts was a tad tiny.

Compared to another popular gourmet popcorn brand, Chef Tony’s was remarkably less heavy-going. It’s so addictive the entire tub was empty before we knew it.

Note: Nets payment for $30 and above, and it’d be more value for money to buy three tubs at one go.

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