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Review for Chicken Hotpot (Bedok Point)


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14 Jul 2014 • 4 Reviews • 0 Follower

different from the other reviews.

went there last Saturday afternoon using a voucher deal ....

walked-in without reservation and was seated promptly ... I would say the eatery was about 85% full. was expecting substandard service after reading the other reviews. maybe its a new batch of service crew.

food was served In about 10 mins and we had all our 3 pots and rice and drinks in about 15 mins.

service crew was pretty good and courteous ... came to top up the soup 3 times automatically.

had the chicken pot and fish pot promo family meal + one additional beef pot. got a free prawn cake also.

no rush during the meal at all. btw, beef pot had beef balls inside too.

overall ok, but I would rate the meal abit on the pricy side. 5 paxs $101.(after GST and SC)

will go again when they have voucher deals again.
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fish pot
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$101 for 5 pax
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