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Chikuyotei serves Japanese cuisine and is famous for their Japanese Spiny Lobster.

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rice and egg in shabu soup
rice and egg in shabu soup
rice and egg in shabu soup
rice and egg in shabu soup
Kagoshima wagyu beef
Kagoshima wagyu beef
persimmon from Gifu with some orange liquer
persimmon from Gifu with some orange liquer
amberjack fish with bacon
amberjack fish with bacon

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Good experience with Kagoshima & Singapore Food Fair

Food/Drink 5| Value 5| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 10

Heard so much about Chikuyotei and its famed unagi and omakase dishes and decided to come here for dinner one day. However, we found out that they are having a Kagoshima and Singapore Food Fair promo and we decided to try this instead.

Recommended dishes are:

1. Kagoshima wagyu beef with madeira sauce. It had an interesting garnish with lady finger's flower bud which is edible and it's rather yummy. The sauce goes well with the beef needless to say

2. Amberjack fish marinated in seaweed with shallot sauce - my all time favourite. The smoky shallot saunce really lends itself to the overall taste very well. It's like eating raw fish yet you're not!

3. Grilled amberjack fish wrapped in bacon with soya sauce

4. Pork shabu-shabu and ending it with soba and finally rice. I loved the last part of it where we were shown how to put the rice into the pot, and layered it with raw beaten eggs, followed by spring onions. It's like eating porridge!

5. Desserts! How can you forget desserts. I love the persimmom from Gifu Perfecture which has some orange liquer added on to it. We were also served a slice of pear from Niigata.

The Kagoshima food promo is definitely worth trying out.

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Great Omakase experience at Chikuyotei!

Food/Drink 5| Value 4| Ambience 5| Service 5
Total Reviews: 687

After a great dining experience at this restaurant recently, I came back here for lunch and went for the omakase lunch.


We were seated at the sushi counter, which uses Japanese wood and we were able to watch the chef in action and also talk to the chef about the origins of the ingredients of the dishes he prepared.


The chef is knowledgeable and well versed in sushi preparation and cooked food.


Here are the courses that we had:

- Stewed Bonito: The first course of the meal. Served cold and very refreshing, with tasty gravy.

- Fresh beancurd skin topped with seaweed, roe and freshly grated wasabi: The chef gets this special supply of fresh beancurd skin that’s ben layered to create tofu. Topped with the other ingredients, it was a delightful dish.

- Teapot soup: Drinking the soup with and without squeezing the lime made the soup taste different. After drinking the soup, you can eat the prawns, mushrooms and vegetables that has been cooked inside.

- Sashimi -

-          Hokkaido sea urchin: The chef only imports the best brand from Hokkaido and if its not available, it means the quality is not up to their standard. It has heavenly.

-          Setouchi Sea bream: Biting into this white fish gave a good bite. Definitely fresh!

-          Nagasaki Spanish mackerel: The chef flame-broiled the outside of the fish – skin side in front of us. It gave the fish a slightly smoky flavour. I usually do not like mackerel and this changed my perception. Loved it.

-          Wakayama strip jack: Also fresh and delicious.

-          Hokkaido scallop: It was very sweet and delicious. Must-order.

-          Assorted fish with Goma dressing: Assorted fish that was marinated in home-made sesame dressing. The dressing was unlike any that I have tasted and definitely not off the shelf. It was good.

- Fried Japanese fish with Japanese sweet potato cut in the shape of the Ginko leaf: Decent piece of fish that was skewered on a stick, coated with small bread crumbs and fried. Fish was very good. It came with two pieces of Japanese sweet potato that has been cut into the shape of a ginko leaf. Good presentation. It also had two soba noodles that has been tied at one end with seaweed and deepfried. I had thought it was toothpicks and inedible till the chef said I could eat it.

- Mini hotpot with Oysters, crab meat, seasonal mini Japanese potato and cream and cheese sauce: Another highlight of the meal. I wasn’t expecting the whole oysters in there and together with the cream sauce, it was yummy!

- Rice topped with Unagi, Japanese pickles and Nagoya Miso Soup:  Last course of the meal. It was a mini bowl of Japanese rice topped with two pieces of freshly grilled unagi. The unagi was soft, but do be careful of bones.


We were filled to the brim after our meal, and most importantly, the food were fresh and good!


I look forward to visiting the restaurant again in the near future.


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Good food offerings for Kagoshima & Singapore Food Fair!

Food/Drink 4| Value 4| Ambience 4| Service 4
Total Reviews: 687

Chikuyotei is known for their Unagi, where fresh Japanese eel is imported from Japan and grilled on premise.


I learnt of their Kagoshima & Singapore Food Fair, that is ongoing till mid Nov 2014 and decided to try their special offerings.


Dining at the sushi counter has just got better. The restaurant has just replaced their sushi counter from the black granite to Japanese Cypress Wood.


The highlights of my meal were:

- Roast Kagoshima Wagyu Beef with Madiera Sauce: The beef is from the shoulder of the cow and was done in a roast beef style. The inside of the sliced beef was pink. Eaten on its own, it was wonderful.

- Grilled Amberjack Fish wrapped in bacon with soya sauce: You can taste the firmness of the fish that is wrapped in bacon. It is more a European than Japanese dish.

- Amberjack Fish Marinated in Seaweed with Shallot Sauce: I loved the dish. The fish was lightly marinated and went very well with the shallot sauce. Must-try!

- Kagoshima Black Pork wrapped with Sukiyaki Croquette: You get a potato core, wrapped in Kurobuta Sukiyaki pork slices then coasted with flour and deep fried. You also get a dressing on the side as a dip.

- Shabu Shabu with fresh vegetables, thinly sliced pork belly and glass noodles: We ordered this ala carte. The platter of Kurobuta Pork Belly and Pork balls comes with a serving of a variety of vegetables – Leek, Lettuce, Tang-Oh, Carrot, Mushrooms and Glass noodles. The dashi (soup base) was made in-house and was good. Not salty and to my dinner group’s liking. We put in the leek, carrot and mushrooms to add flavour to the soup, and cooked the meat after the soup started boiling. Cooking the meat was easy, with a few swishes of the meat in the lightly boiling soup to get it cooked. The meat was finished in quick time. We also added soba noodles after that. The soba noodles were good!

- Japanese 'Porridge': There was still some soup left in the pot and we added a bowl of rice, which we added into the pot to cook ‘Japanese Porridge’. Just before serving, we cracked a slightly beaten egg into the pot and stirred the egg in, before adding chopped spring onions. After scooping individual bowls, we added the loose seaweed for flavour. It was very good. Must-try!

- Japanese fruits - Gifu Persimmon & Niigata Pear with Matcha ice cream and Red Bean Sandwich Puff: The Japanese has a passion for fruits and the fruits go for premium prices in Japanese Supermarkets. I always look forward to having Japanese fruits after a Japanese meal. Both the persimmon and pear were nice and juicy. Presentation was key. They even import the leaf from Japan, that was used on the dessert platter that the persimmon sat on!


I enjoyed my meal very much.


The Kagoshima promotion is a limited period offer. Try it before it’s over!

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Quality Japanese Dining

Food/Drink 4| Value 3| Ambience 3| Service 3
Total Reviews: 2143

Chikuyotei is a casual dining Japanese restaurant that offers quality ingredients in a no-frills dining environment.

At a recent visit, I decided to go with their specialty, the Unagi Course ($198).

The meal started with a palette opener of sour giant octopus tentacle suction pads with a thick sweet sauce finish.

This was followed by a giant clam soup. This was wonderful as the clam was juicy wiht a good burst of seawater flavour.

The sashimi course followed with amaebi (sweet prawn), red snapper and slightly seared tuna with fresh wasabi.

This was followed by half an unagi (eel) which was lightly cooked before a huge bowl of a full unagi (two layers of eel) and rice, which is bound to fill up even the biggest of eaters.

Dessert was a Japanese rock melon.

I also ordered a Tenderloin Yoganyaki ($78), a fatty piece of Kagoshima wagyu cooked on hot stone.

For those who do not like eel, there are other courses available, such as the Tempura Course ($108), which comes with cooked fish, sashimi and the premium giant Japanese prawn as the main show.

Overall, expect quality fare in a casual dining environment.

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